Barrie Morse

South Wales Coordinator

Tel: 01656 771938

Barrie Morse South Wales Coordinator


Emma Freeman

South Wales Assistant

Tel: 01656 772567

email: Emma

Emma Freeman South Wales Assistant

A word from the Organisers

The South and West Wales area is a small group of parrot enthusiasts who meet regularly in Porthcawl throughout the year. The group has been meeting for many years and has proved to be an invaluable source of information on all aspects of parrot care and welfare, also a great way of meeting and making friends with others who share the same interests. 

For the past few years we have organised a Parrot Extravaganza each summer with members bringing along their own parrots to introduce to interested members of the public, these days have proved to be hugely successful with large numbers attending.

In July each year we are invited to attend the Coity fete in Bridgend, again members bring their own pet parrots to show to the public, we have found this an excellent form of advertising for The Parrot Society and often spend our time advising members of the public on their parrots and chatting about the weird and wonderful things our parrots get up to. 

Occasionally we have the pleasure of a guest speaker coming to give us a talk, these talks are on a variety of different topics and always prove to be fascinating. Our meetings are always informal and relaxed and we welcome any new members who might be interested in coming along to join us. We are a friendly bunch with many years of parrot keeping experience between us, some have experience of breeding and hand rearing a variety of parrots, some are pet parrot owners but no matter what our experience we are all willing to share our knowledge on parrot care, welfare, health, diets, local avian vets and where to buy cages, food and toys locally.

If you have a parrot or are interested in these amazing creatures why not come along and join us or give one of your local area organisers a call to find out about our next meeting or event, you can reach Barrie or Emma via the contact details above.


All members are invited to join us on Saturday 6th July at the annual Coity fete at Coity castle Bridgend. It's a great fun day out with loads going on in a beautiful setting and we've placed an order for lots of Welsh sunshine! We will bring a variety of parrots and be on hand to help and advise any members or just to have a chat. The fete opens at 1pm and the entrance fee is only £1.00. Please come along and support us. For anyone interested in bringing their birds or for more information call Emma on 01656 772 567.



The annual event that is Coity Fete, which the South Wales Area of the PSUK always attend, is an extremely interesting and active day out for all the family, and as can be seen from the photos, can be relied upon to drench you in beautiful Welsh Sun.

Coity Fete & South Wales Area Meeting Coity Fete and South Wales Area Meeting
Coity Fete and Parrots Coity Fete and Parrots


The Parrot Extravaganza is the South Wales areas very own distinguished event held annually in the lovely village/Town of Porthcawl, which attracts many people through the doors to see the members birds and learn about these fascinating feathered creatures that are our Parrots.

Parrot Extravaganza - South Wales PSUK Area Meeting Parrot Extravaganza - South Wales PSUK Area Meeting
Parrot Extravaganza - South Wales PSUK Area Meeting  


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