The Parrot Society UK Area Meetings

Area meetings are held at 11 locations within the UK, and their purpose is to enable members to meet and discuss parrots and related topics or listen to talks given by invited speakers.

These meetings have to be organized, and this is done by an Area Organizer, and an Assistant Area Organizer.
These Organizers are nominated, and elected from The Parrot Society UK members within the said Area, and after Council's approval run the Area Meetings.

The Area will then be listed with the names and telephone numbers of both organizers in the The Parrot Society UK Magazine.

The more informal the organization the better, when committees are appointed, problems tend to occur.

The Parrot Society UK has undertaken to fund the basic cost of the first meeting to help an Area to start up and Public Liability Insurance for The Parrot Society UK approved Areas is arranged.

Area Organisers - Please contact evenings and weekends only

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