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If you would like to advertise your Bird Related Products Here, Please contact the Parrot Society Secretary


FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions


How does Parrot Advertiser work:

All birds for sale must have a price shown. For all birds priced £100 or under there are no charges, you can add a picture of the bird and use up to four lines of text (40 characters per line) to give details of your bird. When birds are advertised at more than £100 a charge of £2 per line of text is required. Once you submit an advertisement it will be checked and authorised by Parrot Society staff, this work will occur between 9 am and 3 pm each weekday (our office hours). Please remember that as this facility is located on our website it is available for the public to view and contact you about your bird. Only Society members will be able to advertise birds on the facility. To gain access to Parrot Advertiser you will require to place your membership number (just the numerics) in the Username: field and your Post Code in the Password: field. (Use capitals in the Post Code and remeber the space between the two sets of numerics)

Image Uploads:

Your image MUST be a minimum of 460 pixels wide.
When you upload an image from your PC/Laptop our server will automatically reconfigure your image to the correct, required, sizes to display on our website.

I did not see a confirmation page when uploading my advertisement!

Please be sensible with your image sizes.
I.E. an image of say 300 KBs is fine and will upload quite quickly. (subject to your ISP connection)
An image of over 1 MB will almost certainly time out and you will not see a confirmation.
We recommend you use imaging software to resize your image to between 300 KBs and 600 KBs or 460 pixels wide before uploading.
Images will pixelate (poor quality) if your original image is smaller than 460 pixels wide.


Banner Advertising for "in context" advertisements are available on The Parrot Society UK Advertiser website. Banner sizes must be submitted to us, up to a maximum size of 460 pixels wide. The banners rotate on a random basis on all pages and link to either the advertisers website or larger images for further information.
Please contact us for further information and costs.

Featured Advertisers:

A selected number of "in context" text advertisements are available in the Featured Advertisers section of The Parrot Society UK Advertiser website. Please contact us for further information and costs.