Lost, Found and Stolen Birds - Weekly Reports

John HaywardJohn Hayward runs the National Theft Register Tele. 01869 325699 and is a Council Member of The Parrot Society UK. John works full time for the Register and has developed a tremendous expertise in this very important area. John also acts as our security advisor and this service is available to all members.
As a former Detective Inspector and Wildlife Liaison Officer he is very well qualified for this role and has had considerable success since taking on this responsibility in 1996.

If you or a friend has lost, found or had a parrot species stolen please contact John as a matter of urgency, his telephone number is as above or you can e-mail him on jh@ntr.supanet.com The service John provides to all bird keepers is invaluable and as he has nationwide contacts especially with most police forces he is able obtain some exceptional results. The Council of The Parrot Society UK thank him most sincerely for his dedication to lost, found and stolen birds

Reference: Information
Ref: 15597/15 Lost on 25.1.2015 at Morpeth Northumberland an African Grey
Ref: 15596/15 Stolen on 25.1.2015 at Reading Berks a collection of Budgerigars
Ref: 15595/15 Lost on 25.1.2015 at Bradford Yorks an African Grey
Ref: 15593/15 Found on 19.1.2015 at Windsor Berks a Cockatiel
Ref: 15591/15 Found on 24.1.2015 at Doncaster Yorks a Cockatiel
Ref: 15590/15 Lost on 19.1.2015 at Yarlington Somerset an African Grey
Ref: 15589/15 Lost on 24.1.2015 at Stoke On Trent Staffs a Parakeet
Ref: 15588/15 Found on 20.1.2015 at Co. Londonderry Northern Ireland a Conure
Ref: 15587/15 Lost on 23.1.2015 at Carlisle Cumbria an African Grey
Ref: 15586/15 Found on 22.1.2015 at Liverpool Merseyside a Parakeet
Ref: 15585/15 Found on 22.1.2015 at Bradford Yorks a Rosella
Ref: 15584/15 Lost on 21.1.2015 at Farnham Surrey an African Grey
Ref: 15583/15 Lost on 18.1.2015 at Peldon Essex a Cockatiel
Ref: 15582/15 Found on 15.1.2015 at York Yorks a Budgerigar
Ref: 15581/15 Lost on 18.1.2015 at Knowle Avon an Amazon
Ref: 15580/15 Lost on 19.1.2015 at Barnet North London an African Grey
Ref: 15579/15 Found on 19.1.2015 at Chelmsford Essex an Amazon
Ref: 15578/15 Found on 17.1.2015 at High Wycombe Bucks a Parakeet
Ref: 15577/15 Found on 16.1.2015 at Datchet Berks a Budgerigar
Ref: 15576/15 Lost on 13.1.2015 at Ruskington Lincs a Cockatiel
Ref: 15575/15 Found on 13.1.2015 at Ashbourne Derbys a Parrotlet
Ref: 15574/15 Lost on 12.1.2015 at Southery Norfolk a Macaw
Ref: 15573/15 Found on 14.1.2015 at Oxford Oxon a Budgerigar
Ref: 15572/15 Found on 15.1.2015 at Redhill Surrey a Conure
Ref: 15571/15 Found on 12.1.2015 at Nottingham Notts a Budgerigar
Ref: 15569/15 Lost on 7.1.2015 at Southall Middx an African Grey
Ref: 15568/15 Found on 9.1.2015 at Sunbury On Thames Middlesex an African Grey
Ref: 15566/15 Lost on 8.1.2015 at Herne Bay Kent a Parakeet
Ref: 15565/15 Lost on 4.1.2015 at Maidstone Kent a collection of 27 Budgerigars
Ref: 15564/15 Lost on 3.1.2015 at Corringham Essex an African Grey
Ref: 15562/15 Found on 31.12.2014 at Kilburn North London a Conure
Ref: 15561/15 Lost on 29.12.2014 at Bedford Beds an Amazon
Ref: 15560/15 Lost on 24.12.2014 at Pontypridd Wales a Conure
Ref: 15558/15 Lost on 24.12.2014 at Salsburgh Lanark Scotland an African Grey
Ref: 15557/15 Lost on 22.12.2014 at Kaw Zulu Natal South Africa: two Conures: also lost was a Goffin’s Cockatoo later recovered: The Conures are still outstanding
Ref: 15555/14 Found on 20.12.2014 at Wood End Warwks a Parakeet
Ref: 15553/14 Found on 14.12.2014 at Gloucester Gloucs a Parakeet
Ref: 15548/14 Found on 17.12.2014 at Warrington Cheshire an African Grey
Ref: 15547/14 Lost on 9.12.2014 at Blackburn Lancs an African Grey
Ref: 15546/14 Found on 12.12.2014 at Caerphilly Wales a Blue and Gold Macaw
Ref: 15545/14 Found on 10.12.2014 at Sleaford Lincs a Parakeet
Ref: 15543/14 Stolen on 7.12.2014 from an aviary at Lanark Scotland a collection of Budgerigars and Cockatiels
Ref: 15542/14 Lost on 5.12.2014 at Gloucester Gloucs an Amazon
Ref: 15541/14 Lost on 29.11.2014 at Wimbledon London a Cockatiel
Ref: 15540/14 Lost on 6.12.2014 at Preston Lancs an African Grey
Ref: 15539/14 Lost on 6.12.2014 at Didcot Oxon an African Grey
Ref: 15538/14 Found on 4.12.2014 at Birmingham a Cockatoo
Ref: 15537/14 Lost on 1.12.2014 at Manchester a Senegal
Ref: 15535/14 Lost on 23.6.2014 at Manchester an African Grey
Ref: 15533/14 Lost on 26.11.2014 at Fife Scotland a Cockatiel
Ref: 15532/14 Found on 29.11.2014 at Blackburn Lancs a Parakeet
Ref: 15531/14 Found on 29.11.2014 at Crewe Cheshire a Lovebird
Ref: 15529/14 Found on 22.8.2014 at Bradford Yorks an African grey
Ref: 15526/14 Lost on 7.11.2014 at Horrabridge Devon an African Grey
Ref: 15525/14 Lost on 26.11.2014 at Folkestone Kent an African Grey
Ref: 15524/14 Found on 24.11.2014 at Bromley Kent a Caique
Ref: 15522/14 Found on 24.11.2014 at Tipton West Mids a Parakeet
Ref: 15521/14 Found on 24.11.2014 at Walton On Thames Surrey an Amazon
Ref: 15520/14 Found on 21.11.2014 at Battersea London a Cockatiel
Ref: 15518/14 Found on 23.11.2014 in Westminster London an African Grey
Ref: 15517/14 Stolen on 21.11.2014 at Ipswich Suffolk a collection of Budgerigars: Doves and Parakeets
Ref: 15516/14 Lost on 23.11.2014 at Marylebone London an African Grey
Ref: 15515/14 Lost on 19.11.2014 at Edmonton London a Cockatiel
Ref: 15514/14 Lost on 19.11.2014 at Southampton Hants an Amazon
Ref: 15513/14 Lost on 15.11.2014 at Nottingham Notts an African Grey
Ref: 15511/14 Found on 18.11.2014 at Worcester Worcs an African Grey
Ref: 15510/14 Found on 15.11.2014 at Walsall West Mids a Cockatiel
Ref: 15509/14 Lost on 14.11.2014 at Neath South Wales an African Grey
Ref: 15507/14 Found on 12.11.2014 at Bedford Beds a Cockatiel
Ref: 15506/14 Lost on 12.11.2014 at Leicester Leics a Black-headed Caique
Ref: 15502/14 Found on 9.11.2014 at Oadby Leics a Lovebird
Ref: 15501/14 Lost on 09.11.14 at Stevenage Herts an African Grey
Ref: 15500/14 Lost on 9.11.2014 at Birmingham West Mids an African Grey
Ref: 15499/14 Lost on 2.11.2014 at Wimbledon London a Conure
Ref: 15497/14 Found on 5.11.2014 at Burgess Hill Sussex a Parakeet
Ref: 15496/14 Lost on 4.11.2014 at Wincanton Somerset a Macaw
Ref: 15495/14 Lost on 4.11.2014 at Leigh On Sea Essex a Senegal
Ref: 15494/14 Found on 4.11.2014 at Hastings Sussex a Cockatoo
Ref: 15493/14 Found on 1.11.2014 at Basildon Essex an Amazon
Ref: 15492/14 Found on 3.11.2014 at Windsor Berks a Parakeet
Ref: 15491/14 Found on 3.11.2014 at Pontefract Yorks a Parakeet

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