Lost, Found and Stolen Birds - Weekly Reports

John HaywardJohn Hayward runs the National Theft Register Tele. 01869 325699 and is a Council Member of The Parrot Society UK. John works full time for the Register and has developed a tremendous expertise in this very important area. John also acts as our security advisor and this service is available to all members.
As a former Detective Inspector and Wildlife Liaison Officer he is very well qualified for this role and has had considerable success since taking on this responsibility in 1996.

If you or a friend has lost, found or had a parrot species stolen please contact John as a matter of urgency, his telephone number is as above or you can e-mail him on jh@ntr.supanet.com The service John provides to all bird keepers is invaluable and as he has nationwide contacts especially with most police forces he is able obtain some exceptional results. The Council of The Parrot Society UK thank him most sincerely for his dedication to lost, found and stolen birds

Reference: Information
Ref: 17634/17 Found on 24.9.2017 at Southampton Hants an African Grey
Ref: 17633/17 Found on 17.9.2017 at Walthamstow London an Amazon
Ref: 17632/17 Lost on 17.9.2017 at Worcester Worcs an African Grey
Ref: 17631/17 Found on 19.9.2017 at Southport Merseyside a Budgerigar
Ref: 17628/17 Lost on 22.9.2017 at Malden Surrey a Cockatiel
Ref: 17627/17 Lost on 23.9.2017 at Wembley London a Parrotlet
Ref: 17624/17 Found on 20.9.2017 at Forest of Dean Gloucs a Parakeet
Ref: 17623/17 Found on 19.9.2017 at Hayes Middlesex an African Grey
Ref: 17622/17 Lost on 1.7.2017 at Exmouth Devon an African Grey
Ref: 17618/17 Found on 14.9.2017 at Norwood London an African Grey
Ref: 17616/17 Lost on 14.9.2017 at Leicester Leics an African Grey
Ref: 17615/17 Stolen on 31.8.2017 at Harwicke Gloucester Gloucs a Rosella
Ref: 17614/17 Lost on 4.7.2017 at Leeds Castle Kent an African Grey
Ref: 17613/17 Found on 7.9.2017 at Slough Berks a Conure
Ref: 17612/17 Found on 11.9.2017 at Bierton Bucks a Parakeet
Ref: 17611/17 Lost on 8.9.2017 at Anglesey Wales an African Grey
Ref: 17610/17 Found on 6.9.2017 at Slough Berks a Conure
Ref: 17609/17 Lost on 15.8.2017 at Newport Wales an African Grey
Ref: 17608/17 Found on 8.9.2017 at Chobham Surrey an Alexandrine
Ref: 17606/17 Lost on 6.9.2017 at Horsham Sussex a Cockatoo
Ref: 17605/17 Found on 29.8.2017 at London SE3 an African Grey
Ref: 17604/17 Lost on 24.8.2017 at Frome Somerset a Cockatiel
Ref: 17603/17 Lost on 2.9.2017 at Mexborough Yorks an African Grey
Ref: 17602/17 Lost on 4.9.2017 at Harold Hill Essex a Macaw
Ref: 17599/17 Found on 3.9.2017 at St Helens Merseyside an African Grey
Ref: 17598/17 Found on 29.8.2017 at Dollis Hill London NW2 an African Grey
Ref: 17597/17 Lost on 1.9.2017 at Wellingborough Northants a Cockatoo
Ref: 17596/17 Found on 26.8.2017 at Wellingborough Northants a Budgerigar
Ref: 17595/17 Lost on 26.8.2017 at Netley Hants a Budgerigar
Ref: 17594/17 Lost on 28.8.2017 at Belper Derbys a Budgerigar
Ref: 17593/17 Found on 28.8.2017 at Taunton Somerset a Budgerigar
Ref: 17592/17 Lost on 29.8.2017 at Bolton Lancs an Eclectus
Ref: 17591/17 Lost on 31.8.2017 at Southampton Hants an Eclectus
Ref: 17590/17 Lost on 28.8.2017 at Swadlingcote Derbys a Kakariki
Ref: 17589/17 Lost on 30.8.2017 at Derby Derbys an African Grey
Ref: 17588/17 Found on 30.8.2017 at Dartford Kent an Eclectus
Ref: 17587/17 Lost on 28.8.2017 at Kew Surrey a Conure
Ref: 17586/17 Lost on 24.8.2017 at Northampton Northants an African Grey
Ref: 17585/17 Lost on 20.8.2017 at Chorley Lancs an African Grey
Ref: 17584/17 Lost on 20.8.2017 at Southall Middx an Alexandrine
Ref: 17583/17 Found on 25.8.2017 at Pevensey Sussex a Budgerigar
Ref: 17582/17 Lost on 20.8.2017 at Southend On Sea Essex an Alexandrine
Ref: 17581/17 Found on 20.8.2017 at Burnley Lancs a Lovebird
Ref: 17580/17 Lost on 21.8.2017 at Fife Scotland an Africna Grey
Ref: 17577/17 Lost on 5.8.2017 at Langold Notts an African Grey
Ref: 17576/17 Found on 20.8.2017 at Walton On Thames Surrey a Parakeet
Ref: 17574/17 Lost on 17.8.2017 at Stoke Newington London a Parakeet
Ref: 17573/17 Lost on 14.8.2017 at Crawley Sussex a Lovebird
Ref: 17572/17 Lost on 10.8.2017 at Canterbury Kent a Caique
Ref: 17571/17 Lost on 13.8.2017 at Sidmouth Devon an African Grey
Ref: 17569/17 Lost on 14.8.2017 at Harrow Middx an African Grey
Ref: 17568/17 Found on 14.8.2017 at Deal Kent a Cockatiel
Ref: 17567/17 Lost on 14.8.2017 at Barnet London a Budgerigar
Ref: 17566/17 Lost on 12.8.2017 at Harrow Middx a Macaw
Ref: 17565/17 Found on 13.8.2017 at Walsall West Mids a Cockatiel
Ref: 17563/17 Found on 13.8.2017 at Hampstead London a Cockatiel
Ref: 17562/17 Lost on 7.8.2017 at Peterborough Cambs an Amazon
Ref: 17561/17 Lost on 8.8.2017 at Preston Lancs a Cockatiel
Ref: 17560/17 Lost on 9.8.2017 at Huddersfield Yorks an Alexandrine
Ref: 17559/17 Found on 9.8.2017 at Sheffield Yorks a Lovebird
Ref: 17558/17 Lost on 9.8.2017 at Powys Wales an African Grey
Ref: 17557/17 Found on 11.8.2017 at Handsworth West Mids a Parakeet
Ref: 17556/17 Lost on 4.8.2017 at Tilstock Salop a Macaw
Ref: 17555/17 Lost on 7.8.2017 in Birmingham an African Grey
Ref: 17554/17 Found on 8.8.2017 at Ashington Northumberland a Cockatiel
Ref: 17552/17 Lost on 5.8.2017 at Orpington Kent an African Grey
Ref: 17550/17 Found on 6.8.2017 at Northampton Northants a Parakeet
Ref: 17549/17 Lost on 1.8.2017 at Brierley Hill West Mids a collection of Kakarikis
Ref: 17548/17 Lost on 4.8.2017 at Mitcham Surrey a Cockatiel
Ref: 17547/17 Lost on 31.7.2017 at High Wucombe Bucks a Cockatoo
Ref: 17546/17 Found on 26.7.2017 at Snodland Kent a Lovebird
Ref: 17545/17 Found on 1.7.2017 at Flint Wales a Parakeet
Ref: 17544/17 Found on 31.7.2017 at Buntingford Herts a Parakeet
Ref: 17543/17 Found on 29.7.2107 at Winscombe Somerset a Parakeet
Ref: 17542/17 Lost on 23.7.2017 at Poole Dorset an African Grey
Ref: 17540/17 Found on 28.7.2017 at Winterbourne Gloucs a Bourkes Parakeet
Ref: 17539/17 Found on 26.7.2017 at Tadworth Surrey an African Grey
Ref: 17538/17 Lost on 26.7.2017 at Whitburn West Lothian Scotland an African Grey
Ref: 17537/17 Lost on 25.7.2017 at Chatham Kent an African Grey
Ref: 17536/17 Lost on 24.7.2017 at Bolton Lancs an African Grey
Ref: 17535/17 Found on 24.7.2017 at Manchester an African Grey
Ref: 17534/17 Lost on 22.7.2017 at Ilfracombe Devon a Senegal
Ref: 17532/17 Lost on 23.7.2017 at Dawlish Devon an African Grey
Ref: 17530/17 Lost on 23.7.2017 at Brighton Sussex an African Grey
Ref: 17529/17 Lost on 22.7.2017 at Newport Wales a Parrotlet
Ref: 17528/17 Lost on 7.7.2017 at Rushall West Mids a Blue and Gold Macaw
Ref: 17527/17 Found on 19.7.2017 at Manchester a Parakeet
Ref: 17526/17 Found on 19.7.2017 at Guildford Surrey a Barraband
Ref: 17525/17 Found on 19.7.2017 at Hampton Court Surrey an African Grey
Ref: 17524/17 Lost on 17.7.2017 at Berwick Upon Tweed Northumberland an Amazon
Ref: 17523/17 Found on 17.7.2017 in Birmingham West Mids an Alexandrine
Ref: 17522/17 Lost on 16.7.2017 at Belfast Northern Ireland an Alexandrine
Ref: 17521/17 Found on 19.7.2017 at Salford Manchester a Parakeet
Ref: 17520/17 Lost on 17.7.2017 at Horsham Sussex an African Grey
Ref: 17519/17 Found on 17.7.2017 at Swanwick Derbys an Alexandrine
Ref: 17518/17 Lost on 17.7.2017 at Billericay Essex a Cockatoo
Ref: 17517/17 Lost on 15.7.2017 at Blackpool Lancs a Quaker
Ref: 17516/17 Lost on 15.7.2017 at Dunblane Scotland an African Grey
Ref: 17515/17 Found on 15.7.2017 at Manchester a Budgerigar
Ref: 17514/17 Lost on 1.7.2017 at Darwen Lancs a Senegal
Ref: 17513/17 Lost on 14.7.2017 at Tavistock Devon an African Grey
Ref: 17512/17 Lost on 10.7.2017 at Sittingbourne Kent an African Grey
Ref: 17511/17 Lost on 11.7.2017 at Portsmouth Hants an Amazon
Ref: 17510/17 Found on 9.7.2017 at Wallington Surrey a Cockatiel
Ref: 17509/17 Lost on 10.7.2017 at Elsenham Herts an African Grey
Ref: 17508/17 Lost on 10.7.2017 at Devizes Wilts a Budgerigar
Ref: 17507/17 Found on 10.7.2017 at Horsham Sussex a Budgerigar
Ref: 17506/17 Found on 10.7.2017 at Bury Lancs an African Grey
Ref: 17505/17 Found on 10.7.2017 at Redditch Worcs a Parakeet
Ref: 17504/17 Found on 28.6.2017 at Taunton Somerset a Lovebird
Ref: 17503/17 Lost on 6.7.2017 at Borough SE London a Budgerigar
Ref: 17502/17 Found on 7.7.2017 at Stockport Greater Manchester a Cockatoo
Ref: 17501/17 Found on 6.7.2017 at Northampton Northants a Budgerigar
Ref: 17500/17 Found on 6.7.2017 at Gt Yarmouth Norfolk a Parakeet
Ref: 17499/17 Lost on 5.7.2017 at Blackburn Lancs an African Grey
Ref: 17498/17 Lost on 4.7.2017 at Winchelsea Sussex an African Grey
Ref: 17495/17 Found on 5.7.2017 at Bishop Auckland Co Durham a Parakeet
Ref: 17494/17 Lost on 3.7.2017 at Reigate Surrey a Timneh Grey
Ref: 17493/17 Lost on 3.7.2017 at Burbage Wilts an African Grey
Ref: 17491/17 Found on 30.6.2017 at Woking Surrey a Conure
Ref: 17490/17 Found on 23.6.2017 at Umberleigh North Devon a Parakeet
Ref: 17489/17 Lost on 29.6.2017 at Ashford Kent a Conure
Ref: 17488/17 Lost on 30.6.2017 in Manchester an African Grey
Ref: 17486/17 Found on 30.6.2017 at Sheffield Yorks a Parakeet
Ref: 17485/17 Lost on 28.6.2017 at Papworth Cambs a Cockatiel
Ref: 17484/17 Lost on 20.6.2017 at Alford Aberdeen Scotland an African Grey
Ref: 17483/17 Found on 26.6.2017 Ceredigion Wales an African Grey
Ref: 17482/17 Found on 16.6.2017 at Ely Cambs an African Grey
Ref: 17481/17 Found on 25.6.2017 at Manchester an African Grey
Ref: 17479/17 Lost on 21.6.2017 at Auburn Pennsylvania USA an African Grey
Ref: 17478/17 Found on 21.6.2017 at Gloucester Gloucs an Amazon
Ref: 17477/17 Found on 21.6.2017 at Birmingham West Mids a Kakariki
Ref: 17476/17 Found on 20.6.2017 at Leamington Spa an African Grey
Ref: 17475/17 Lost on 21.6.2017 at Semington Wilts an Amazon
Ref: 17474/17 Lost on 21.6.2017 at Lancaster Lancs a Conure
Ref: 17473/17 Found on 24.6.2017 at Rugby Warwks a Parakeet
Ref: 17470/17 Found on 16.6.2017 at Dudley West Mids a Parakeet
Ref: 17467/17 Found on 21.6.2017 at Sheffield Yorks an African Grey
Ref: 17465/17 Found on 23.6.2017 at Ascot Berks an African Grey
Ref: 17464/17 Found on 23.6.2017 at Tonbridge Kent a Parakeet
Ref: 17463/17 Lost on 15.6.2017 at Hull Yorks an African Grey
Ref: 17462/17 Lost on 15.6.2017 at Havant Hants an African Grey
Ref: 17461/17 Found on 16.6.2017 at Norwich Norfolk a Parakeet
Ref: 17460/17 Found on 13.6.2017 at Chalfont St Giles Bucks a Budgerigar
Ref: 17459/17 Found on 15.6.2017 at Aylesford Kent an African Grey
Ref: 17458/17 Lost on 13.6.2017 at Gloucester Gloucs an Amazon
Ref: 17456/17 Lost on 11.6.2017 at Risca Wales an African Grey
Ref: 17455/17 Found on 13.6.2017 at Scarborough Yorks a Conure
Ref: 17454/17 Lost on 9.6.2017 at Southport Lancs a Hahns Macaw
Ref: 17451/17 Lost on 7.6.2017 at Peterborough Cambs an Alexandrine
Ref: 17450/17 Lost on 7.6.2017 at Bangor Wales a Conure
Ref: 17449/17 Found on 8.6.2017 at Kelvedon Essex a Lorikeet
Ref: 17448/17 Lost on 21.5.2017 at Penarth Wales an African Grey
Ref: 17447/17 Lost on 9.6.2017 at Newark Notts an African Grey
Ref: 17446/17 Found on 8.6.2017 at Milton Keynes Bucks a Parakeet
Ref: 17445/17 Found on 9.6.2017 at West Byfleet Surrey an African Grey
Ref: 17444/17 Found on 6.6.2017 at Dorking Surrey an African Grey
Ref: 17443/17 Lost on 5.6.2017 at Southgate London an Eclectus
Ref: 17442/17 Lost on 3.6.2017 at Carshalton Surrey an African Grey
Ref: 17441/17 Lost on 4.6.2017 at Glasgow Scotland a Budgerigar
Ref: 17440/17 Lost on 4.6.2017 at Lytham Lancs an African Grey
Ref: 17439/17 Lost on 2.6.2017 at Brockworth Gloucs an Amazon
Ref: 17438/17 Found on 5.6.2017 at Swindon Wilts a Budgerigar
Ref: 17437/17 Lost on 4.6.2017 at Ely Cambs a Cockatiel

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