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PSUK January Magazine 2015

January 2015

  • Chairman's Message
  • Common Sense
  • Minutes of Council meeting
  • The Tasman Parakeet Conservation Project
  • Parrot Society Ring Scheme
  • Ring Order Form
  • Barbara Heidenriech's Teching
  • Member's Advertisements

The monthly magazine promotes the Parrot Society and has informative articles, advice and adverts. It also publicises the Parrot Society Conservation Projects and Shows.


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Bird Scene Issue 20 Issue 20 November 2014
  • Introduction - Issue 20
  • Breeding for pleasure versus Breeding for Exhibition!
  • Mice, Roofs and Burd Room Construction.
  • An Experiment with Mountain Parakeets
  • The National Exhibition - Show Reports 2014

Bird Scene is a new e-magazine from The Parrot Society UK (PSUK) to promote the Conservation work carried out by the Parrot Society UK (PSUK), to promote the National Exhibition of Birds held in October at Stafford County Showground for all hobbyist bird keepers.

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