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Brazil 2011 - Living the DreamPSUK ConservationBrazil 2016 - Conservation in Action

Brazil 2011 and Brazil 2016, are companion publications authored by the current Chairman of the PSUK, Alan K Jones.  Both books are lavishly illustrated and describe by first hand account his journeys into deepest Brazil to see the parrots and conservation projects that the PSUK sponsors.  Both books can be purchased through the PSUK SHOP.  All proceeds go the PSUK Conservation fund.

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PS Magazine August 2017

 August 2017

  • Chairman's August Message
  • The Turquoise Parrotlet
  • A reply from Linde Wesson - Leicestershire parrot club
  • Lory Breeders meeting
  • Beale Park social day
  • The National Exhibition
  • PSUK Exhibition entry form for the National
  • Breeding register 2016
  • Member's Advertisements

The monthly magazine promotes the Parrot Society and has informative articles, advice and adverts. It also publicises the Parrot Society Conservation Projects and Shows.

See Conservation LIVE! - the PSUK has access to a live webcam positioned inside one of the artificail nest boxes provided by the Aquasis foundation and supported by the Parrot Society UK, supporting the Grey Breasted Conure - how many chicks can you count?


Bird Scene Magazine Issue 34 March 2017 - Click here to view for free

Bird Scene Issue 34 Issue 34 - March 2017

Introduction - Issue 34

  • The National Exhibition
  • Gilded Barbet
  • The Scotch Fancy Canary
  • Don't blame the breeder
  • Evolution of a community based Scarlet macaw Conservation organisation

Bird Scene is a new e-magazine from The Parrot Society UK (PSUK) to promote the Conservation work carried out by the Parrot Society UK (PSUK), to promote the National Exhibition of Birds held in October at Stafford County Showground for all hobbyist bird keepers.

Bird Scene Magazine Archive

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