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PSUK Monthly Magazine August 2016

August 2016

  • Chairman's August Message
  • PSUK 50th Anniversary Seminar
  • Nutrition for the hobbyist:facts or fancy?
  • Lories and Lorikeets - book review
  • The National Exhibition
  • Aviary and Birdhouse Security
  • Minutes Council meeting
  • Member's Advertisemets

The monthly magazine promotes the Parrot Society and has informative articles, advice and adverts. It also publicises the Parrot Society Conservation Projects and Shows.


See Conservation LIVE! - the PSUK has access to a live webcam positioned inside one of the artificail nest boxes provided by the Aquasis foundation and supported by the Parrot Society UK, supporting the Grey Breasted Conure - how many chicks can you count?


PSUK 50th Anniversary Seminar

For more information CLICK HERE

Places can now be booked either through our

ONLINE SHOP or via this Booking Form


In Addition, Barbara Heidenreich will be running a behaviour workshop on Sunday 18th September

Parrot Behavior Problem Solving Workshop

Are you struggling with parrot behavior problems? Does your parrot scream for attention. Does your parrot present aggressive behavior? Are you challenged by problems related to reproductive hormones? Can’t seem to make a connection with a parrot who doesn’t trust you? Then join us for an informative session of Force Free Animal Training (FFAT). FFAT is the term Barbara Heidenreich uses to describe her style of animal training. Force free means the use of coercion
and aversives to get desired behavior are not an option. Instead Barbara focuses on using positive reinforcement, empowering animals to choose to participate and
building a relationship based on trust. This results in a
well behaved, interactive and entertaining companion
parrot. With video examples of parrots voluntarily participating in physical exams, intramuscular
injections and blood draws without restraint, participants will be inspired by the power of positive reinforcement training. You can expect an informative, inspiring and
fun workshop.

Places Can also be reserved via the PSUK ON-LINE SHOP


Bird Scene Magazine Issue 29 May 2016 - Click here to view for free

Bird Scene Issue 30 July 2016 Issue 30 - July 2016

Introduction - Issue 30

  • Crimson Finch
  • The National Exhibition
  • Does Your Parrot Really want a Mate?
  • Being Prepared


Bird Scene is a new e-magazine from The Parrot Society UK (PSUK) to promote the Conservation work carried out by the Parrot Society UK (PSUK), to promote the National Exhibition of Birds held in October at Stafford County Showground for all hobbyist bird keepers.


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