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PSUK Monthly Magazine September 2015

September 2015

  • Chairman's September Message
  • Members Day out at Beale Park and Bird World
  • Experinces Breeding Pennants Rosellas
  • My Friend Twiggs Review
  • Swift Parrots Face Introduced Predators
  • Security Report
  • Part 2 - paying Farmers For damged Crops - Lear's Macaws
  • The National Exhibition - Booking Details
  • Member's Advertisemets

The monthly magazine promotes the Parrot Society and has informative articles, advice and adverts. It also publicises the Parrot Society Conservation Projects and Shows.

NEWS FLASH - PSUK 50th Anniversary Conference

A conference will be held to mark the 50th anniversary year of the Parrot Society UK.  It will be held on the weekend of September 17 &18th 2016 at Chester Zoo.

Saturday 17th September will include presentations by several internationally recognised speakers on a variety of topics relating to parrot conservation.

Sunday 18th will be free for delegates and families to tour one of Europe's best zoological collections.

This event will be heavily subsidised by the Parrot Society for the benefit of the membership so that registration for the whole weekend will be just £35 per head for PSUK members.  This is exactly the same price that we charged for the last seminar at Chester Zoo in 2003.

See December magazine for full details.


Bird Scene Magazine LATEST Edition;- click here to view for free

Bird Scene Issue 25 - September 2015 Issue 25 September 2015

Introduction - Issue 25

  • My Life with Birds by David Allen
  • A new approach to desease control in Budgies by Don Burke
  • The National Exhibition, 11th October 2015
  • Parrots in Majorca revisted by Emma Freeman
  • NON-STICK WARNING by Alan K Jones.

Bird Scene is a new e-magazine from The Parrot Society UK (PSUK) to promote the Conservation work carried out by the Parrot Society UK (PSUK), to promote the National Exhibition of Birds held in October at Stafford County Showground for all hobbyist bird keepers.

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