harrys home coming

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harrys home coming

Post by marklee » Mon Jun 01, 2009 6:59 pm

i went to see my grey yesterday and was so suprised at the diference in her.she is off all her hand feeds and is stepping up and down onto a perch.she was totally calm and my son and i both enjoyed tickling her behind her head and enjoying how much calmer she was.i was told all being well i can bring her home sunday morning.i have so many questions to ask the breeder but forget and it isnt until i get home i think why did you forget.do you think i should spray her with water in this hot weather.how do you know how much to feed. also what sort of stand should i get when she is out of cage, or will she be ok on perch ontop of cage. i just dont want her to be bored. is there anything i can get that will make her move to her new cage smoothly. hope i get some replies with as much help and advise please :) :) :)

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Re: harrys home coming

Post by teiltown » Fri Jun 05, 2009 11:44 am


Your first thought should be to ask the breeder to provide you with a care sheet. This include what foods your bird has been weaned on and how to correctly feed him. It may cover spraying, but I would double check with your breeder to whether or not they have been spraying your bird, if so then he will already be used to it - but yes you do need to spray it as he will gradually come round to it and begin to love it. every 2/3 days is ok.

A stand is a good idea, as you can take this to other rooms where the cage isn't, and also, place away from cage to encourage flying.
In addition, perches over the cage are also good, at a few diferrent hiegths, so your bird can climb up and down, link them with some rope (natural not polyester etc..) and place hoops (baby rings etc) over the perches and these will keep your bird ammussed.

Write all your questions down and take them to the breeder when you collect him on Sunday, but after that, take it steady, and if in doubt, just think about teh situation from the parrots perspective, and ring the breeder up to make sure.

We look orward to hearing your updates.
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Re: harrys home coming

Post by ginniwalesuk » Tue Jun 09, 2009 2:10 pm

Congratulations on your new arrival. My grey came home at 13 weeks and has been with me for 10 months now. The changes in such a short time are amazing.

I have a t-stand along with the stand on top of the cage but she spends most time with me, either on the couch or on a suspended rope from the ceiling with a large toy she can climb on and chew.

If you have questions from the breeder after, my breeder was as good as gold about my questions. Def ask about food. And there should be lots of people on here to help. Ask me any questions - I am happy to share my experiences. You will also find in time your baby will enjoy lots of fruit and veg - remember the no no's of Avocado, Chocolate, fruit pits etc.

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