an update if anyone is interested

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an update if anyone is interested

Post by marklee » Tue May 26, 2009 7:03 pm

hello,everyone.i have finally got a grey.i found a local breeder,who had three chicks .two males and one female.they were dna sexed and she adviced me to have the i have been going to see her every week and handle her. eight weeks old now and down to two feeds a day.she is beautiful and weighs about 500 grams now. going in a cage this week and hopefully i will be able to bring home in four weeks time. i do understsnd that they feel with there beaks but when should you stop them from nipping at your fingers.she was quite angry when i saw her this week and nipped a few times,the breeder said it was because she had been reducing her feeds to encourage her to eat seeds and fruit.also i was told that i should leave her in her cage for two days before handling her when i bring her home.any advice on any suport that anyone can give me when first bringing her home would be gratefully apreciated. i would love to put some photos on sight for people to see but dont know how to.cheers again,

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Re: an update if anyone is interested

Post by diana » Thu May 28, 2009 1:28 pm

I bet you are very excited about getting your baby grey and cannot wait to get her home.
Not sure about the reason for nipping is due to being encouraged to eat seed & fruits (have not heard of that one before). Probably is wise to keep her in her cage for a couple of days when you get her home, she can adjust slowly to her new surroundings. It could take time for her to become really tame with you so don't expect instant success. Do not leave her out of her cage unattended or out all day, she will still be young and need rest. Keep her snug by covering her cage overnight with a folded sheet. You can post pictures by using photobucket free website, its easy to use.
I hope other will reply & give you some more advice.
Look forward to hearing more.... Di

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Re: an update if anyone is interested

Post by ginniwalesuk » Tue Jun 02, 2009 12:21 pm

My CAG is confirmed female and is just now one year old. When I visited her before she came home at about 9 weeks she nipped me what I thought was pretty hard - now I know better - and told the breeder oh that bird is a bit bitey. He said they had just woken up and were a bit grumpy (makes sense) so that could be it. Photos are always great. I stayed home with her a few days to make sure she was adjusted and comfortable. And if you want, go ahead and harness train early on. The older they get, the harder it becomes.


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