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.......Help / Information Required

Post by adminnew » Fri May 22, 2009 9:38 am


The role of pet and aviary trade on conservation

We have been asked by a mature Masters Student for member’s assistance in the completion of a questionnaire which looks at the role of pet and aviary trade on conservation, and seeks the opinions of aviculturists and pet keepers on this matter.

He would like me to point out that there is absolutely no bias in the questionnaire he has no agenda of his own. In fact he used to keep a large collection of birds, mostly psittacines and the thesis is just a progression of his own thoughts and ideas, particularly after studies on sustainability and trade etc.

I do hope that members assist him and I look forward to printing the results of the research in the magazine. The link is www.animalcareresearch.org.uk which leads to a brief introduction and then a link to the questionnaire itself. If you do not have a computer but are interested in completing the questionnaire please contact Les Rance at the Parrot Society office on 01442 872245 and he will be pleased to send you a paper version of the questions.

You might be interested to learn that the introductory text on the website is as follows:-

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire, which is part of a Masters in Wildlife Management & Conservation. The results will contribute to my thesis which looks at the impacts of the pet trade on conservation and wildlife. I am interested in the perception of bird keeping, conservation and animal trade by those who are influenced and impacted by it.

I realise that this is an area which can arouse strong opinions, all of which I am very keen to hear, and that some respondents may wish to expand on particular questions. For this reason I have given opportunity for respondents to comment on any of the issues as they see fit at the end of the questionnaire.

Please try and answer as many questions as possible, they are mostly multiple choices or Yes and No answers. Some require you to expand on a topic and ask for further details. Though this questionnaire is primarily EU orientated we are still keen to see the opinions from non EU residents.

Finally please feel free to forward the link to friends and family who may be interested in this topic.

Kind regards,


Please help if you can as the
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