My lovebird leg is hurt. No avaian vet. What should I do?

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My lovebird leg is hurt. No avaian vet. What should I do?

Post by Ela1 » Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:12 am

Dear all,

I really need help with my lovebird. I have been her owner for 6 months (she is 8 months old) and I think she hurt her right leg 5 days ago. I am really not sure how she hurt it but 5 days ago she started holding her right leg up all the time. When she gets out of her cage she can barely walk and limps a lot. It is really painful to watch as she takes two steps and then creates support with her left leg and her left wing ans stops in one place for ages. She really looks like she is in pain.

She used to be a very active bird and when I let her out of the cage (which I do twice a day) she only went back in when she got hungry, in an hour or an hour thirty minutes. Now she only stays out for 10 minutes and goes into her cage. She is also sleeping a lot during the day, as in with her head tucked into her feathers and one leg up even if we are all in the living room talking which is not her usual behavior.

She is singing a bit more in the last two days but the leg is no better. She still holds it up, only rarely uses it but even when she does the weight is on the left leg (the one that is not hurt). She also scratches herself with the hurt leg and sometimes stretches it but sometimes it looks like she doesn't fully stretch it.

Unfortunately, where I live there are no avian vets and I've been told from parrot owners that if you send your parrot to the vet they will make fun of you and will not treat the parrot seriously partly also because they have no information on how to treat birds. I really don't want my lovebird to go through a trauma with vets experimenting on what works and what doesn't but at the same time I would like to know what I should do to make her leg better.

I look forward to your responses and your help.

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