A career with birds

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A career with birds

Post by tainchel » Mon Oct 05, 2009 2:02 pm

Hi i am new to this forum, but hope someone can help with my search for information.
My daughter is very keen to work with birds (parrots in particular) and we had read that there was a course called Behavioural therapy for parrots. Does anyone know who we have to contact about this course, also if you know of any other courses available that would help her in her chosen career, please let us know. Many thanks :D

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Re: A career with birds

Post by adminnew » Thu Oct 08, 2009 6:09 pm

E-mail Address(es):

E-mail Address(es):

Try these addresses as I know Louise used to run courses on parrotlike birds, if she no longer does so she will know who to contact.

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