Breathless Amazon

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Breathless Amazon

Post by claire » Fri Jan 02, 2009 9:27 pm

Ive recently rescued a 16 year old blue fronted amazon. He has bouts of breathlesness, lots of tail bobbing and weezing sounds. Ive rushed him to my normal vets twice now and each time he has responded well to a steroid injection. He eats well, drinks well has plenty of various fruits and vege and lots of stimulation. My worry is that the previous owner thinks he may of been in contact with some mould when his cage was being cleaned. Aspergillosis has been mentioned on other forums, and some of it fits but a lot of it doesnt. He has not lost weight, and is a nice big healthy parrot. He has no nasal discharge at all, his poo is well formed and normal. Im very clean with his cage, toys and food pots, but obviously ive only had him a month. Im taking him to an avian vets on monday but would like any input or does it ring any bells for any other bird keepers? Im trying to be positive and im researching as much as I can, but I want to know as much as possible. Many thanks :D

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Re: Breathless Amazon

Post by Bouvier » Sat Jan 03, 2009 6:15 pm

Hi Claire,
You mention that you have 'rescued' a bird which is 16yrs old. Can I ask what you mean by this. Was the bird kept in a small cage, for instance. and not allowed out or is it just that you have taken it on from an elderly person or similar. I am not being awkward with this question but wish to clarify what is meant by rescue in order to try to help with an answer. If it is the first one, than I would suggest that if you are giving it stimulation and it is now allowed out all the time and is flying around that it is merely out of breath and needs time to recouperate and get used to having to fly etc. (as would any couch potato when faced with heavy exercise er I know having made a new years resolution).
Was the cage very dirty when you picked the bird up and did you see the dirt/mould? This would be helpful from the Vets point of view as well as anyone (like myself) trying to give a positive answer. There could also be another reason for the weasing and that is that he is now in a home which has central heating and he is not used to the heat and is finding it difficult to breath (a bit like a dog overly panting when in a home for no apparent reason- having been a kennel dog).
I hope that it is only a case of over exercise having been couped up for too long. Your avian vet should be able to help, the problem with a normal vet (and I am not knocking them) is that they tend to inject steroids immediately which is great in dogs and cats but is not necessarily the right option for a parrot.
I am sorry that I cannot give you any more advice but with such little information it is hard to comment on.


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