Feather Plucking Breakthrough!

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Feather Plucking Breakthrough!

Post by marjoyatparrotforum » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:52 pm

Dear Forum,
Bobby is a vivacious and happy 16 year old Congo African Grey, who has been with us for close on eight years,after inheriting him
from a relative. He is very vocal and articulate with clarity of voice and sound. He has been the centre of of our universe and receives 24/7 attention -is not confined to his cages (to some extent) but enjoys the freedom that we do offer him at certain times and spends much of his time caged outdoors on the patio to his delight. His diet consists of 4 fruit varieties, twice daily, an assortment of scientific pellets and parrot maintenance (Kaytee) , and cooked food consisting of mealies, pulses, millet and grains. However he developed his (undisclosed )symptom of feather plucking which started with his tail feathers and ended up with his front rump and legs appearing almost naked.
Finding nothing ondogenous and untoward by our Veterinary Doctor on four occasions we were at a loss over the past year as to the cause which could be one of a multitude of exogenous things that was displeasing him.
Trying to put it down to the fact that we had moved six months back or that my partner who is his main handler took on
a voluntary occupation 4 days a week, I was certain that this was the cause due to his lonelines and boredom and needed companionship.
As a last resort I brought our Cockatiel onto the patio to share some quality time with Bobby during the day.
Lo and Behold Bobby started preening instead of plucking!!
There is such a noticeable difference in Bobby with fluffy white feathers on his breast section appearing and his exotic red tail returning that I am almost certain he is kicking the habit.
Every so often see him looking out of the corner of his eye at George the cockatiel who I do believe has a mistaken identity and is actually a female.
Could we put this unequivocally down to the fact that universally feather pluckers with a exogenous cause may only need the company of any smaller fine feathered friend to develop a rapport with.
As the excitement of the whistling from George reaches a Crescendo on a daily basis with Bobby doing a few somersaults from cage to perch- are complimenting each other with their new found friendship and do indeed speak the same language of the species with their understanding together as it becomes evident that Bobby is definitely replacing feather plucking in favour of preening!

Margaret Joy Gordon

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