Another ring ID question

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Another ring ID question

Post by SirAlfred2013 » Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:43 am

Hiiiii <left turn>

I have a ring question! Yes we love these ones that are always some n00b bird owner (me!) who hasn't a clue of what enchantment these mysterious rings carry. I vow to make this entertaining.

Alfred/Alfie is a red lored amazon parrot with an attitude problem. Aren't they ALL like that? They are like feathered cats.

The pet wolf we have (saarloos) made a play at the bird so I took the opportunity while looking at the b*stards bleeding foot (it's literally only a scratch) to finally look at the ring. I'm bleeding while typing this because I'm lucky owner #3 to this green feathered biter. Lucky him that I have the world of patience.

So. I know some of this is supposed to be confidential. So I'll leave out the five numbers and replace them with p's because I don't like x's. (They are ex's for a reason!)

<insert funny looking symbol that's almost unrecognizable> PS NL 9.5 PPPPP 13 (but it's sideways) 0001
END TRANSMISSION. The ring is black but worn on the outside.

I would get a photo, but I will not risk a hole in my brand new phone. He's a really good bird, but, you can clearly see he's been mistreated. I'm in the process of patiently (failing at) reprogramming him. It's been a week. No rush here. He will sit on my hand one day and he will wear a flight harness and go for walks with me. One day. In ten years. Perhaps.

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