Untamed scared conure advice please

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Untamed scared conure advice please

Post by MandyDavies123 » Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:52 am

Hi.. im new to this site.so if this is in the wrong please accept my apologies and move it to the right area..

Ok i have a 7 month old male ( male we think) pineapple conure.
We had it off a friend of a friend because we had been searching for the right one..
Anyway.. this little guy is not tamed and bites. .what we were told .
We have only had him a few days and really want to get off on the right foot. So here is what im dealing with..
You put your hand in the cage and he starts flapping and stressing like crazy.
He turns his back on you but he does kinda look over his shoulder when you talk to him.. hes not hand tame. Knows no commands... wont take food from you.
He did play a game with me this morning. Where i held out a sunflower seed while he was at the other end of the cage.. and then i dropped it into an empty food dish.. the moment i sat back down. He came and ate it then went back to his perch. We played that game for about 20 mins.
But in all it looks like he has just been left to his own devices. Lived in a busy children filled household. The owner said she didnt have time and that he bites.. yes hes had a go at me but just nipped not drawn blood or anything.... and if you get hold of him and scratch his head and talk to him he closed his eyes like hes enjoying it.
Any advice would really be appriciated.

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