African Grey - Plucking and Mutilation

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African Grey - Plucking and Mutilation

Post by chigz » Sat May 28, 2016 11:31 am

Hi all,

I am looking for any advice i can get for helping my African grey.

Lucky is a 17 year old African grey. for the last year and a half he has started to pluck his feathers and mutilating.

We have taken him to the vets who have done all check ups and found no under lying condition. He has basically been in a collar for this amount of time, Its very distressing seeing him like this and I would like to get some advice or tips if anyone has some?

He has ripped the skin under his wings so they are healing as it has created scar tissue which tears as soon as he opens his wings.

Any help is welcome.

Thank you

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Re: African Grey - Plucking and Mutilation

Post by geff » Sat May 28, 2016 9:39 pm

Plucking is very hard to cure. Firstly take your bird to an AVIAN veterinary surgeon, in order to determine whether the plucking is caused by a medical / surgical issue.
The main causes of plucking are ;

Psychological issues.

These few causes run deep, and you'll need to do your research, as there is NO quick fix to plucking. Plucking itself can also become habitual.
If your bird is also mutilating then I feel that the first port of call should be to a qualified Avian Vet who deals with exotic species. Plucking and mutilation only exists amongst captive parrots, as they are after all "Wild" only a few generations have been kept in captivity so the wild urges are still evident amongst our "pets".

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