Hi Everyone! Help 10 yr old unsocialised Mitred Conure

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Wez King
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Hi Everyone! Help 10 yr old unsocialised Mitred Conure

Post by Wez King » Wed Dec 02, 2015 2:31 am

Hi everyone and thanks for this amazing site.

Hi I've just rescued a 10 years old Mitred conure who's very very nervous at all times. He's called Jasper but I suspect he is a she as the bird recently began rubbing it's back end against the silver food bowl and pecking it vigorously in an array tempted for satisfaction. I think he is a she and she's definitely over q0 years old and has been left unsocialised whilst previous owners went to work.

So in general I've had this bird approx 2 month now but little progress has been made. she did initially arrive with feathers missing completely from her thighs and legs and clear dqmage to feathers on front edges of her wings.now they are growing in and only odd feather found in her cage floor as I'm managing to understand what the behaviours driven by.
it appears anytime she is nervous or touched briefly buy a toy or the cage she tries to bite the same parts of her body almost as if turning our head to.our side to bite our bicep or knee. This was worrying so I removed all new toys I got her from her cage and ensured she was in quiet part.of the house with her cage against the wall. Big help as seems to have hugely reduced the amount of times she's going to attack herself. I've noticed she's very vocal and self attacking if she's unhappy about noises, sudden movement and people's voices. Also im interpreting it that shes does it outta frustration something isnt going her way. Im been very careful to avoid such circumsrmtances. She was never socialised hasbt been able to be handled ever and doesnt mimmick or talk shes very low throaty growls and squWlks. I received her on a diet of only fruit and seed oarrot mix. Now ive weined her onto 10% harrisons Museli and fruit mix, 70% fresh chop veg, 10% fruit and 10% seed/ nut mix. Also she gets VetArk Avimix and Aviation Pro biotic.

I speak to her so gently so many times a day. I can now feed her treats which she very nervously takes from my fingers but then retreats to back corner of her cage or she may not take the treqt snd decide to go for me instead. I've learnt she doesn't like loud noise when put to bed so i avoid it and it helps to leave her cage cover left slightly opened. She spends nearly all day on top of her roof perch of her 5ft tall cage but NEVER plays with any toys unless it's taking treats from some twisted rope which she also likes to attack and shred.
She will not go anywhere near a step up stick, backs away to opposite side of the cage unless it's to come to me for a treat and will bite if I put my hand bear her.
Finally I've never tried to grab her in a towel for fear of ruining what trust she has in me.

Please help
Regards Neil King

Please help I'm desperate to hold and love her.

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Re: Hi Everyone! Help 10 yr old unsocialised Mitred Conure

Post by teiltown » Tue Dec 15, 2015 12:37 pm

Hi Neil,

Hopefully you are progressing with your conure.
Firstly see it from her point of view (incidentally, both male an female will rub their vents for stimulation...), if she has been unfairly treated for such a long time, this is all she knows. You will need to take things very slowly. If introducing anything to her, place it outside her cage just so she can see it and gradually move it closer. Leave the radio on all day as this should help with adjusting to noise.

Conures need a lot of fruit in their diet, so I am glad you are feeding her well. it sounds like you are doing things right. Slowly and steady. sit near her cage and always let her come to you when offering the treats. Find out what she really likes, say a peanut, or sunflower seed and make sure she doesn't get these in her normal diet mixes, and only give these to her by hand. They are pretty clever and she will soon work it out.

One thing I would start to work on though is the boredom factor. She needs thongs to chew, so try placing some willow or eucalyptus branches near her cage and then putting them right upto the cage, she should start to nibble them through the bars. The eventually put them inside. take it slow though. But it is probably the thing my parrots enjoy most when offered fresh browse to chew on. All stress disapears immediately.

Best of luck
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