Cockatiel and Quaker parrot fighting - pelase help!

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Cockatiel and Quaker parrot fighting - pelase help!

Post by kmunch » Mon Jul 20, 2015 5:14 pm

Hello everyone,
I'm new to phpBB and am getting worried about my tiel. In a nutshell, I've had Elvis for a year. 3 months after I bought him I moved out of my parents' home. For 4 months it was just me and him and he was simply lovely. Friendly, smart and super inquisitive. Well, due to problems with my housemates I had to move back to my parents'. Elvis came with me. We've been back at home since end of February this year. Mum has a Quaker parrot called Bleeper who is not the most friendly of birds! He can be lovely, but in a second can turn from Jeckyll to Hyde and aggressively bite your fingers / face etc hard enough to draw blood. Elvis and Bleep met each other before I moved out and Bleep didn't really take much notice of Elvis.

Well, back in Feb / March, Elvis and Bleep seemed to be okay to start. The one day Bleep bit Elvis' foot and made him bleed. Didn't stop Elvis wanting to be friends though! They regularly fly about the house together and sit on the same perches etc. Bleep eats Elvis' food right out of his cage - and Elvis does the same thing in Bleep's cage! So, they seemed to tolerate each other quite well.

And now everything is changing. Elvis is getting very aggressive and I don't know why. I wondered if it was a dominance thing (Bleep used to be much bigger than Elvis, but now Elvis is fully grown he is bigger than Bleep). I also wondered if the late summer evenings were to blame. Or the heat of the summer days. Or if Elvis is unwell and I can' tell. Or if it's because cockatiels are flock birds and Quakers aren't really. Elvis has more than once now attacked me when I've come in from work. He's flown at my face - beak open and claws at the ready. He's been aggressive when it's bed time too, very hissy and pecky whenever I go to put him to bed. He never used to be like this. Elvis and Bleep are now regularly fighting aggressively. And it seems to be Elvis starting it all the time now. Whereas before, when we hadn't long moved home hey were fine. They had a really big fight today. There was no blood but Elvis chased Bleep into a corner behind some furniture. They're both in their separate cages now, eating and sulking.
Please can anyone suggest why they've started fighting and what on earth we can do to stop it!
Thanks so much.

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