golden-mantle rosella parakeet

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golden-mantle rosella parakeet

Post by Jemma05 » Sat Mar 19, 2005 11:24 pm

hi everyone, 8 years ago i found my bird flying in my street and managed to catch him and since he has been an amazing bird.
he is often happy whistling tunes such as glory glory haleluia, the addams family, laurel and hardy, match of the day and oh when the saints, also doing the alarm clock noise and fire alarm noise...very annoying at times hehehehe.

but at the same time, he is so so so vicious, i have never been able to change his cage without getting bitten, he dives for me if he is out when i walk past his cage, i have never been able to touch him like some owners can stroke their birds. i only get to touch him when i have to catch him to cut his claws. <dnt worry i was shown by a vet how to do it properly, and have proper clippers!>

the thing is, recently he has a routine...he comes out of his cage for 5 minutes, then goes back in regurgitates on his toy bell, then oes back out again and does this repeatedly for most of the day. i was wandering if anyone knew why he did this, also if anyone knows why he is so vicious>?

any replies r greatly appreciated, thank you


Post by Guest » Sun Mar 20, 2005 4:03 pm

sounds like he might want a mate :P regurgitating food is a sign of affection in the bird world (yuk!)
he might be vicious becuse he might be a import (does he have a ring on his foot?) to try and tame him down ihave heard that sitting in a quite room, beside there cage and reading them a book quitly is supozed to work realy well.
but i do know that rosellas are not the tamest of birds even if they are h/r
good luck with him anyways :D

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Post by teiltown » Thu Jul 07, 2005 9:20 am

Hi Jemma

I have an Eastern rosella (Male), he is also very aggressive towards me, he does not attack me but will not tollerate being touched - as like you I have to catch him to trim his nails and beak.

I have also observed him (rocky) regurgitating food on his toys (it makes a real mess), he even tries to offer my cockatiels some (they live in my aviary together). He does seem quite happy though and can make some wonderful noises, although I'm a little jealous that yours can whistle tunes.

Maybe we both need to get them partners :)

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Aggressive- So is mine

Post by artyman100 » Mon Jul 03, 2006 4:39 pm

I cannot hold my rosella. He is so viscious. I would love to teach him to whistle rather than listen to the constant irritating sqwuaks that he screeches from dawn to dusk. How do you train them to be quiet? Can they really be trained that well? I would love to quieten him down before the household goes mad and insist that he is removed.

Cliff Wright
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Post by Cliff Wright » Mon Jul 03, 2006 9:56 pm

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Rosellas do not make pets and are really aviary birds, and should be kept in 25 ft long flights. Why some people sell this type of bird as a pet I will never know. About the only Parrakeet that can be classed as pets are the Cockatiels.

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Post by stumpy-polecat » Mon Jul 10, 2006 4:16 pm

as for the noise I herd that leaving the room everytime a parrot makes a noise and coming in when they shut up works and prase them when they are being quiet.

as for the taming I have herd you can do it with 2 pieces of dowling and gently stroke them with one picee and distract them with the other, and as they gradually stop trying to bite the dowling then you can.

please note you only use the dowling as hand extentions and not to hit your bird.

and the aim of the distraction piece of dowling is to distract them and not for them to bite or they will learn to bite your hand when you move your hand down.

If this is unclear let me know and I will try and explain better.

I dont know if this will work on your birds but it is someting I learnt you can do to tame birds. I hope that helps.

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Post by angiet7 » Fri Aug 18, 2006 12:39 pm

:D I have just bought a golden rosella. he is great only had him a couple of weeks but he is responding well i can put my hand next to him or my face and he gently nibbles i also have a male bourke who is nowhere near as gental as the rosella and he was hand reared :?

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Re: golden-mantle rosella parakeet

Post by spiderqueen » Tue Sep 01, 2009 1:19 pm

hi, i have a young rosella which i keep as a cage bird. i bought him when he was 6 weeks old and clipped his wings a little. he can still fly but i am more able to catch him when he does fly off. he lived with my cockertiel for a while harmoniously until he started getting a bit to bossy and kept pushing him off the post they shared and wouldn't let it eat either. albeit with Jasper (the rosella) being bossy, he is tame, i find buying them young and clipping their wings a little helps with getting them hand tame from word go. he loves to play with toys, even something as simple as tying shoe laces to various parts of his cage (in and out), some with bells and rings on can keep him amused daily for hours. he will come on to my hand readily and loves me talking, whistling or singing to him, and he joins in the conversation, in his language off course. he likes to try and steal my cigarettes (likes to eat them) and pull out the piercings i have in my nose and lip but does not do it aggressively. in the evening i take my rats cage into the room with us and he likes to sit near them (but not daring to touch and i wouldn't let him anyway cos they will bite him) and talk to them even though he knows they would like to eat him given half a chance lol.
what i am getting at (i know its taken some time lol) is that rosellas get a bad rap as an aggressive bird but i believe if you get them young enough before bad habbits have set in they can be an engaging and playful companion. i give 10/10 to rosellas as pets but they must be treated right to get the most out of them xxx

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Re: golden-mantle rosella parakeet

Post by Tinx » Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:47 am

hi well sorry guys i would have to disagree as i have a golden mentle and she is so freindly and talkative she loves singing and she will sit on my lap or on my legs and watch tv she loves emmerdale lol
and she hates being on her own too, i just sit and talk to her most of the day and thats how i got mine tame she will even feed out of my hand lol xx yes mine joins into the confoseation to , and plays with her toys too arnt they the best lol i just loves mine lol

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Re: golden-mantle rosella parakeet

Post by adminnew » Thu Oct 22, 2009 5:01 pm

All parakeets with long slim tails are flock birds in the wild and crave attention from their own kind. Two rosellas, parakeets, etc in an aviary spend hours grooming each other, it is only irresponsible people that allow Rosella to breed and then take the eggs and incubate them and sell them as pets for extortionate prices etc,

The prices asked could but at least two breeding pairs

Amazons, Pionus Parrots Macaws all make pets Cockatoos can be too demanding and can turn and do damage with their beaks etc all this is from over 50 years of parrots.

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Re: golden-mantle rosella parakeet

Post by supermummydee » Sat Apr 30, 2016 7:03 pm

i bought a 7month old crimson last saturday he was bought from a pet shop the keeper clipped his wings for me and said will be a lovely tam bird with abit of time and effort after reading these posts im really hoping he will tame up for me since buying him after 3 days we let him have half hour exploring the living room and managed to get him on myfellas arm back to the cage the next day was a bit squarky when we tried to stroke him and we have also noticed he likes to chew everything is this normal?

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