African Grey not Talking?

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African Grey not Talking?

Post by osama_84 » Sun May 15, 2011 7:15 pm

Dear All
I have African Grey (Congo), since it was 2 months old,now my african grey is almost ten months old.I want to ask that when usually African grey start to talk? my parrot does not talk at all, not speaks even a single human word uptill now.He is always kept in living room where house members are always present and TV is also situated there.Parrot has developed with a very good whistling with the passage of time and also makes many different noises. When i calls his name 'Bounty' he most of the time replies me with some sound. Some times he speaks in a manner that as if he is saying some thing but those words are not understandable or might me my illusion.
My question is that is it normal that even at the age of around 10 months the African grey does not talk? or there is some thing wrong with my parrot?
should i change my parrot or what to do? please give me your advices and shear your experiences.
thanking you all in anticipation.

many thanks

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Re: African Grey not Talking?

Post by diana » Mon May 16, 2011 1:46 pm

Well for a start there's no guarantee your parrot will talk, they do not all talk!

Those that do can talk earlier or later than yours. Also it takes time for the words to become clear so sounds like he's working at it.

Just enjoy the company of your parrot whether it talks or not.

A parrot is for life and should not be passed on just because it doesn't talk! :shock:

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Re: African Grey not Talking?

Post by jgrey » Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:27 pm

you do have to accept the fact that not all parrots will talk. would you keep changing your parrot until you get one that can speak :(

if he is making mumbling sounds,he could be practising new words. what i do with jasper is talk to him as if i was talking to a person,i talk in sentences,not just one or two words. he should soon pick new words up,but dont be disheartened if he doesnt. at ten months he is very young,be patient with bounty,lovley name btw. :)

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Re: African Grey not Talking?

Post by MishkaDenk » Mon Feb 25, 2013 11:11 am

Our African Grey, Woodrow, has always been spoken to in a way that anticipates a response. He is now 5 but started at a year, loves both whistling, and speaking whole sentences. I deliberately don't look at him when I call him to come and sit on my shoulder, he comes. He says "see you later" when we leave without prompting, when we leave home, and if we take him out with us and it gets late he says "goodnight" to tell us he's had "enough" . Calls me by my name - this means "dinner time" as he eats with us and is aware that my partner calls that when food is up. Best to give him the run of the house and NOT leave him cage bound if you want a healthy African Grey that interacts with the family. also good for a young bird to fly in the house as it builds up the heart muscles (Grey's are known to die young of heart-failure if not allowed exercise through some flight!! You will also find they don't pluck if left free for some of the day. They love sitting somewhere quiet as long as they feel part of their flock (which in this case is you family!)

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Re: African Grey not Talking?

Post by billy123 _786 » Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:58 pm

hi there i have 5 african greys .......... first of all dont sell your bird for that reason i gather you brought your bird so it will talk , with african greys they are the best talking bird , some might disagree but thats my opinion and many other peoples . with african greys they are shy birds when they start to talk they whistle the words , try whistleing hello thats how your grey starts off repeat words leave a radio on they pick up things ...... say when you go to bed say goodnite and say your name not the birds name and the same in the morning , what i will say for sure is as you have a young bird i will say 100% it will talk dont worrie when you want your bird to give you a kiss put sunflower inbetween your lips and it will take the sunflower by saying give me a kiss thats the way you do it and slowly dont put the seed there just remember how youi say things like above say goodnite then your name as it will copy what you say ,,,,,,,,,,,,, do not worry

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Re: African Grey not Talking?

Post by Georgies Mum » Thu Jun 05, 2014 3:45 pm

To quote an earlier poster..*A parrot is for life and should not be passed on just because it doesn't talk! :shock:

You should be ashamed of yourself thinking of 'getting rid' cos it wont talk..
I dont mean to be harsh or anything but would you get rid of a child if it didnt talk? NO you wouldnt.
Be patient with your bird. Are you speaking with him/her CLEARLY and she/he can understand what you are saying. Mumbling isnt going to cut it Im afraid.
Parrots only repeat sounds that they like the sound of. They wont repeat everything. Some are whistlers/singers and others can be talkers. Mines a whistler more than a talker.. although she talks as well. She is 11 and the most beautiful thing Iv ever met. She sings nursery rhymes, Adams family, Do like to be beside the seaside etc., etc. she does phone noises and other household things she has heard. No swearing mind! And in a way, whistling is better anyway, because there is no chance of you not knowing exactly what your bird is 'saying' Phrases like "Hello" etc., that can be understood are all well and good, but a lot of 'talking birds' mumble what they say and its quite difficult to understand what they say at any given time. And they will maybe only say it the once.. At least with a song, or the phone, they will sing it over and over again til youre sick to the neck of hearing it lol..
Another thing its maybe worth pointing out in this thread is that, when you are IN the room with a parrot, they may just not say anything at all anyway. Its only when you leave the room that they will make a noise and do all they know to try and get you to come back again. So try leaving the parrot alone in the room while the family sit in the kitchen and listen to whats being said... (altho at 9/10mths, thats very young anyway) I tried leaving a video camera set up in the room and going in the kitchen to wash dishes when I first had mine..she soon learnt that its a good idea that if she makes a noise, Mum comes back. They soon pick up on that.
Im only speaking from my experience here.. Everyone is different just like every bird will be different. Greys are the best talkers of the parrot species, but there is NO GT at all that they will speak.. They only copy sounds they like.. Maybe you have car alarms or emergency vehicles around your area, it may decide it quite likes to drive you mad with those types of noises.. It all depends on the individual bird to be honest.
But Il say it again, DONT get rid of your bird cos it doesnt talk. PLEASE. They are sooh entertaining in so many many other different ways, it kind of doesnt even matter if they DONT talk..cos they can have you in stitches laughing at them anyway.
If you just watch some of the things they get up to and their little faces and their blatant cheek when you catch them up to mischeif...omg, that beats the talking anyday.. And if you cant understand what the parrot is saying (or your impressionable friends arent understanding what Polly is saying) then its wasted.. Far better to all sit and enjoy your parrot trying to swing upside down off a toy whilst holding something in his other foot.. or swinging off a cord shouting "Jerronimo" like mine does. Thats far far more entertaining than hearing Polly say Hello once or twice and then mumbling something in a voice that you spend the rest of your day trying to work out what was said. Hands down, the antics win.
For Goodness Sake ENJOY him/her for the totally beautiful creatures they prove themselves to be on a daily basis
And stop ya fretting that he/she wont talk. It will probably say something when you least expecting it; and you'll be so damned shocked you'll spend the rest of the month trying to work out what it was that was said, and wondering why the bird doesnt say it again straight away!!(*-*)

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Re: African Grey not Talking?

Post by conure parrot » Sat Oct 03, 2015 10:21 am

In the matter of birds talking some parrots take too much time while start speaking but some parrots like indian ringnecks speaks too fluently and in the very early age of their life. So its not a matter of worry at all. Also examine your parrot by a doctor to confirm that he has an ability to speak or not may be he is doing so due to his throat problem

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Re: African Grey not Talking?

Post by emmadanks83 » Mon Aug 29, 2016 8:23 pm

My 5 year old African Grey doesn't talk (but has a huge rendition of tunes!) He is my best friend and I love him to bits. The thought of getting rid of him because he doesn't talk is the same (to me) as getting rid of one of my children!! (never in a million years!!) I didn't adopt him because of talking ability, I adopted him because I fell in love with him when I first met him. Greys are so sensitive and are so loving (whether they talk or not). If the main reason for getting a Grey is whether they talk or not, should you have got one at all?

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Re: African Grey not Talking?

Post by geoffrey3 » Sun Oct 16, 2016 9:07 am

all birds are precious weather parrots or not whot has been said above is good but my pennys worth is do anyone do iron clothes in the same room has the parrot has that new iron or ironing board has that dreaded chemicals on them which can fataly kill any bird watch out for this has many dont even now of such ways your parrot will die from {****** brain gone once again} i think it was teflon but do some research it can and will kill them but talking its whot you teach the bird repeating it untill that day but really they will make you laugh and cry but then all parrots will do this jeff

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Re: African Grey not Talking?

Post by fredaroberts » Tue Nov 01, 2016 10:36 am

I had my second African grey at 3 months oldshe didn't talk and she was housed with Babo a much older and chatty grey! sadly I had to move and the cage was put in a near empty house where there wasn't a lot going on, family all out at work all day, I used to see them twice daily.probably this was for about 2 months Eventually we all moved into together, life carried on as normal and Babo chatted away usual stuff, calling and whisling the dogs laughing and sneezing etc etc, one day I happened to look at he birds and imagine my surprise when it was infact the younger who was talking, Babo had taught her in the two months! Sadly now she has her voice he says very little, suppose he cant get a word in!

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Re: African Grey not Talking?

Post by geoffrey3 » Tue Nov 08, 2016 11:08 am

sadly has with most partners the mail normaly quietly just look at us perhaps after a tiff he start to talk but thanks fr it give me a smile to my eyes

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Re: African Grey not Talking?

Post by Dillipone » Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:06 pm

Hi Osama, does he talk much these days? Did he open up after a while?

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