My Parrot is now squeaking Schrreching

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My Parrot is now squeaking Schrreching

Post by Fletch68 » Sun Feb 05, 2017 7:38 pm

Hi All

Looking for some advice please

My 16 week old African Grey has over the last week, starting screeching when ever I leave the room?

She is hand reared and very tame. Already she is part of the family. However over the last week she will seek me out in the living room and fly to me. Even if one of the kids take her, she will eventually come back to me. If she is in her perch in the living room eating her fruit, she tends to give a little schreech whilst eating???

We have had her 4 weeks and this behaviour has happened over the last 7 days

Is this normal, will this eventually stop?

Any ideas please


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