Macaw breeding

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Macaw breeding

Post by rich_wright39 » Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:28 am

Hi i am new to macaws,have been keeping birds for last 30 years and african greys for last 5,bought myself a pair of green wing macaws ans a pair of blue and gold,put the g/w macaws in a new aviary and after 4 days the pair have changed character massively,they have now become very aggresive towards me,lunging everytime i go near aviary,whilst i was away from them i could hear what sounded like chimp noises coming from them,the hen is now in nest box whilst cock bird is sat on a perch hissing at me,is this normal behaviour? Also i have never hand reared a baby parrot before so my main question is: can i leave a baby macaw with parents to grow but handle the chick often in the nest box when allowed by parents and still get a fairly tame and not scared young macaw.Also are there any members in the York area of uk keeping macaws that would share any experiences with me.

many thanks rich

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Re: Macaw breeding

Post by conure parrot » Wed Sep 23, 2015 6:06 pm

Locally bred parrots in home tend to become more hormonal because they do some delicious and pretty healthy diet, they don't fly too much in search of food and water. We make it readily available too them.What I have read seems to vary in this regard. Few people says as early as two years old and as old as seven year old.

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