Plea from 20/20 T.V.

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Plea from 20/20 T.V.

Post by Cliff Wright » Fri Jun 27, 2008 10:24 am


I'm working for a television production company called Twenty Twenty
Television in the UK and have recently started working on a documentary
about pets with special needs for Channel 4's 'Cutting Edge' strand.

The documentary will look at both the disabled pets and the owners who care
for them. It will explore the dilemmas faced by pet owners whose animals
become disabled as well as looking at how pet and owner cope with the
changing circumstances. We'd also like to cover related issues such as the
science surrounding the disabilities, the latest medical and surgical
techniques and support available.

We aim to provide a serious and well rounded look at pets with special needs
and the surrounding issues and would like to cover a range of disabilities
in different species.

I would be very interested in talking to anyone caring for a parrot (or
indeed other pet) with special needs. I'd like to get the perspective and
knowledge of someone actually caring for an animal, or who has cared for one
in the past. Additionally I'd like to hear your opinions on disabled
animals. I'm particularly keen to talk to people who's animals are currently
undergoing a period of change, whether that be that the severity of your
animals disability is changing, you're about to take on or give up a
disabled animal or have to make a decision about the future of an animal
with a recent disability.

Please do get in touch if you have a story, opinion or question, no matter
how small.

I will keep checking this forum or ideally can be contacted by email: or telephone: 020 7284 2020

I would be very grateful if you could pass on my information to anyone you
know who may be interested in talking to me.

Kind regards,


Tel: 020 7284 2020

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