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Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 10:03 am
by geoffrey3
while my mate brought and helped me set table up with our selection of birds which wasnt many i think two double cages one top of each other and a small single cage with senigals were two young irish boys looked em over and bought the pair well they didnt leave their names oh well we set up and then asked the nice people both sides of me that could they atleast keep a eye on table well off i went for a look around well it seemed to me i was away for only a little while but was away quite some time were i came back to a cloured gentle man who set up on the tables spare area hmm well i didnt say owt but this man was told by those around me to scoot off which he did right i asked the people whot happened were one replied there was 2 of em who set up shop on my table but one had gone has of others telling him about his birds and cages being not clean i think or something else but that left one who evenually got the message of to go but to think or ask why me why my table did i have that sign on my back hmmm but now today im smilling about it cheecky beggers were they but then didnt know either of the people around me but they not knowing me helped greatly not saints but alass helpers who to one of their fellow man still smilling still stuned a bit but then it wont be long before i do really forget whot happened but another sale at this place il diff be there whot ever may be