Looking for Princess of Wales breeders

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Looking for Princess of Wales breeders

Post by Katrina » Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:20 pm

I was a bird keeper at a zoo for many years before joining the RAF. I've now left the military and have secured a job as a bird keeper at the animal management college I studied at many years ago back home in Cornwall.
Our aviaries are lovely with heated indoor flights and spacious outdoor flights, and there is currently a nice little mismatched collection of birds. I'm planning on planting out the aviaries over the next few months and sorting out the birds that we have, rehoming some and pairing up others, as well as sorting a communal aviary. However with all my enthusiasm and ideas im still struggling as I cannot find breeders of certain species in the west country? The biggest quest I'm on at the moment is to find a green Princess of Wales hen. I have a beautiful 5 year old male who we originally considered rehoming? but I've fallen in love with him and have decided I really want him to stay. Can anybody give me any contact details of breeders in the UK? I'm willing to travel for our boy, watching him alone is just heartbreaking, he's trying to woo our Bourke's at the moment bless him. Thanks in advance Trina
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