hobbie breeders of african greys

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billy123 _786
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hobbie breeders of african greys

Post by billy123 _786 » Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:24 pm

hi can someone please give me some advise on a african grey laying eggs many thanks

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Re: hobbie breeders of african greys

Post by teiltown » Mon Feb 03, 2014 12:49 pm

Hi Billy,

I take it you are wishing to set up for the purpose of breeding African greys.

The shed need not be too large, but it is essential for you to have an outide flight for the birds to use. This should be a minimum of 6ft allowing the birds to flap there wings and fly little - 9 or 12 ft would be better.
You rinside cages should also be large enough for the birds to fly from perch to perch, usualy 2 ft x 3 x 3 as a minimum for the inside area, this allows the feeding area and night roost to be sheltered from the weather.

The bottom line, this is their home, so make it as large as you can, and if you think what you have available is too small, then don't keep greys and go to something smaller.

WRT to your question on egg laying, Greys will lay from 2 years old, but each bid is alittle different and they may take time to settle. The most importnat factor with greys is diet. Then need to be looked after well or deformities will occur. Plenty of good fruit and veg, sprouted pulses, wheat etc and use supplements to increase calcium and vitamin intake. Have you got a nest box sorted?
Any extra info you can give on the birds you hold will help.

Hope this helps
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