Captive breeding / availability of rare amazon species

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Captive breeding / availability of rare amazon species

Post by amazon king » Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:51 pm

I have always been interested in bird conservation specifically the parrots especially the amazon species . I have recently built large aviary enclosures and hope to , in the future breed many of the endangered amazon species which are some times available in aviculture . I am not new to bird keeping I have kept many species of birds in the past including amazon parrots so am experienced , the reason for this post is to verify which species are avilable and the demand for these specific birds . I would only be taking on one specific species of amazon , once I have perfected with these I will then move on to different species of amazon .
I have a list of birds which I would like to breed in the future these are
Red browed amazon
Black billed amazon
St Vincent amazon
Blue cheeked

Would anyone know if any of these birds are available in uk or eu

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