Egg bound

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Re: Egg bound

Post by teiltown » Tue Feb 24, 2009 1:06 pm

Hi Simon,

If your Hen is showing signs of being egg bound, then you must act fast.
As with all larthargic birds, a few hours under a heat lamp is a sensible option, along with some soft food and soaked seeds, maybe the odd extra sunflower to add vitality and energy. If you can, look at her vent and see if swollen just above and particularly if she is sitting on the perch strangely and straining - you may see the vent dialate and then go back in, all of which are signs she has an egg in her.
Make sure she has plenty of calcium available, cuttle bone, oyster shell, seasame seeds etc.... or use calcivet in water, this may just be enough. I have used olive oil in the past on an aged cockatiel, a couple of drops in the beak, and GENTLY rubbed on the vent area (crack the egg inside and she'll die) these actions lubricate the cloaca from the inside and out - she was straining and looked in trouble, couldn't perch, and along with warmth, she popped it out within 24hrs.

However, if she doesn't show signs of improvement, then get her along to a vet, but be very gentle when you catch her up, as again we don't want to risk cracking that egg, if indeed we are looking at her being egg bound.
At a minimum, I thnik we can rule out heat exhaustion, so get her under a heat lamp, in a quiet cage where she can choose to be either under the lamp or not.

Let us all know how she responds.
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Re: Egg bound

Post by janeinthecorner » Tue Feb 24, 2009 1:11 pm

Hello, you don't say how long she has been like this. Egg binding can be fatal so if she has any of these other symptons , off to the vet with her!

Rapid or laboured breathing
Sitting on the floor
Constipation or straining
Swelling of the belly or rump area

Good Luck

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