Roseifrons Conure won't fly? (He can, but wont!)

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Roseifrons Conure won't fly? (He can, but wont!)

Post by LeighCoralAnn » Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:20 pm


Sorry if there is already a topic open for this, but i couldn't find one.

Forest is just over a year old, and he is a Roseifrons Conure (assuming i am spelling that right) his kind don't seem to be widely owned where we are so finding a good source of information is difficult.
He came from a pet shop about a year ago now, he's in great health, super friendly, desperately trying to talk but he isn't exactly there yet on words.

But the issue is that he doesn't want to fly, he's been to the vet and had a full check up, they can't find any reason at all for him not to fly as he's in great health.
He can fly, we've seen him fly, for instance he once escaped the house had us following him down the street before he decided he was tired and landed so he could be brought home. He does the occasional small glide across rooms in the house (he is obscenely spoilt and allowed out nearly 24/7 as long as someone is home to keep an eye on him)

He has lots of toys, especially in the lounge where his cage is and we've gone as far as to hang foraging toys and interactive toys like bells from the ceiling to encourage him to get more exercise and fly to them, but he would rather walk everywhere?
He comes out of his cage door, climbs to the roof to be held and if he doesn't get his way even after screeching he will climb down to the floor and walk across the room to you!? He won't even fly for his favorite foods, the closest he gets to actual flight on a daily basis is when he is on someones shoulder and he will do a little flap and a glide to a hanging toy. If no one gets him down when he wants he just glides to where ever he wants to go and we're concerned he isn't getting enough exercise walking everywhere and its not really bird behavior?

Sorry about the lengthy post!

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