Behaviour problems

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Behaviour problems

Post by braggy » Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:45 pm

:?: Hi im new on this site just seeing if can get any advice.
I have a small macaw a hahns she is 6 now i got her from a baby from a breeder the problem im having with her at the min is she attacks my lip when i have her on me . Plus plucking more now which i have bought some vitamins for that.
A bit about her when i got her she has always been my bird she has a big cage and lots of stuff in it she talks well does all my sayings and you can win her over easy . I used to have her everywhere with me all over the house even showered her she would do kisses and be gentle around the face .
She has never really been a flyer only if she has too she likes to go on my shoulder. Always happy and shouting

But i had a break up and im in a house on my own now and i think this is where she has changed the last year as im out at work and she is on her own .
But when im in i spend all my time with her as she is in the main room she is a noisy bird even though she is small im wary of her round my face now as she bit me loads in a few weeks last year . When i was cuddling her 2 days ago after an hour she lunged and bit my mouth again so not happy as it marks my lip bad and takes ages to go .
Any advice i dont doubt for 1 minute she does it to hurt me as she loves me and tells me but sometimes shes naughty.
i recently went on my hols and my nephew had her she was good at his and his house is full kids and reptiles and he has a new Alexander parrot who is really good but only young.
can anyone give me any tips she has all boredom breakers but only really plays with her mirror and bell i will put a pic of her on when i can suss that bit

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