Milo my Indian ringneck

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Milo my Indian ringneck

Post by liamgibbins » Sat Oct 24, 2015 1:35 pm

I got my friend when I heard that a guy was going to let him out of the window in the midst of winter a few years ago.

When I went to pick him up I noticed that he was in a tiny cage with another ringneck and they where been fed monkey nuts one at a time.. the guy who was going to let him go out of the window said he's vicious (no wonder fighting for food)..

Any how since I have had him I try to socialise with him but he hates me yet had bonded with my dog who doesn't care for milo much...
When Chester my dog goes near the cage milo my bird pushes his chest up against the cage and his eyes pin. (Go big and small).. Chester then lick his chest feathers..

I have tried letting him out of the cage quite a few times but milo dive bombs me and Chester. .
In return Chester doesn't like him flying but I an dealing with that behaviour with Chester and it's only repetition that will get his behaviour under control he will learn he's a cleaver dog.

The thing is milo.. trying to get his trust and stop him from biting me (how do you do that) I try not to react but he hurts lol.

I have noticed that when I clean the cage out and put fresh paper in milo likes to shred it.
He's feeding habits seem strange as well he takes the seed out of the pot on the side of the cage and flicks it all over the bottom of the cage then when hungry scratches the bottom of the cage for the food he dropped there just like a chicken does..

He is a funny character...

I was told he's was only a year old when I got him but he is very anti social towards humans.

I have tried everything in several books to try gain his trust but getting a little disheartened I thought he would have come around by now..

Any advice for someone with plasters on his hands from bites????

Thanks in advance.

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