too much calcium

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too much calcium

Post by youngsimon » Thu Jul 18, 2013 7:18 am

My Timneh African Grey’s had the first successful chick last year. She laid three eggs about two months ago, that have turned out to be fertile. They failed to hatch even though there were chicks inside. There where holes were the chicks have tried to get out but failed, this happened on two of the three eggs.

I have just removed the eggs from the nest box and opened them, to confirm there were two chicks.

I vaguely remember reading, I think, that too much calcium in the Hen can produce hardened shells, so chick’s will find it difficult to get out. The Hen does not have any calcium additives but does have a quality African Parrot bird’s seed that contains all of the vitamins an African Crey needs, but not sure if it has any calcium in it.
Has anyone had similar problems and how did you overcome it?

Should I monitor the next clutch and once I see the shells being broken should I help the chick by breaking the shells or will that put the Hen off raising them?

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Re: too much calcium

Post by jgrey » Sun Sep 29, 2013 4:47 pm

hi Simon, sorry for the late reply. also sorry you lost two chicks, what a shame. i've never heard of too much calcium when not supplementing, does she eat alot of the seed mix, can i ask what brand it was? if you look on bag (if it's a branded name) label, it should tell you what it contains and how much.

i'm not a breeder but maybe you could intervened slightly to help them hatch, would the birds let you in to see them? if you do that you could get advice and learn to hand rear? which i know will be against what you want, but if it can save the babies you could do it just the once say? once again sorry about the babies :(

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