Export Parrots to Brazil

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Export Parrots to Brazil

Post by DanVet » Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:33 am

Good evening.
Searching on the internet, i found the society website and become very interested.
My name is Daniel Carvalho, im an avian vet here in Brazil.I breed some parrot species.My speciality are show cockatiels.But some years later, i started with african parrots.
I have now some couples of Grey parrot and Senegal parrots.
But unfourtunately, here i cannot find the other species such Meyer, Red Bellied, UnCape(suahelicus),Timneh and Jardines.
Does any breeder of this species who could export birds?
They will require some blood tests(Influenza and Newcastle disease), CITES and Quarantine(About 30 days).
If anyone has interest, please contact me by my email.
Then i will send Brazilian requirements to bird imports.
My breeding also has a website:

Best Regards,


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