Pellets V Seeds

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Pellets V Seeds

Post by charlie006 » Sun Jun 17, 2012 7:33 am

Firstly apologies if im posting this in the wrong forum, im knew to the site. I got my 9 week old yellow sided Conure yesterday (and am besotted already!) Until now he (i say he, but 'he' could well be a she) has been fed a seed mix but i want to move him on to Pellets as research tells me this will be a much healthier diet for him (along with daily fruit and veg) but my question is what brand and where to buy them from? I've searched local pet shops and Animal feed shop but they don't stock it. I know he may not take to it straight away after being used to a seed diet so im planning to mix it in at first and slowly reduce the seed.
Also I've read contradicting advice on whether to have cuttle bone in the cage.... to cuttle or not to cuttle?


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