neighbours complaining about noise

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Re: neighbours complaining about noise

Post by diana » Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:30 pm

Fair point, not everyone likes the noise parrots make.

If you and your neighbours resolve this in some way do let us all know as it could be useful to others.

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Re: neighbours complaining about noise

Post by martink » Sat Nov 05, 2011 10:11 am

I have 3 prs macaws and 3 prs cockatoos plus other birds and although they can be extremely noisy when i feed them they are quite quiet the rest of the day. im not saying they never make a noise but certainly not constant .

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Re: neighbours complaining about noise

Post by Phoebe_83 » Fri Sep 07, 2012 1:39 pm

scott wrote:hi to all,
just wondered if anyone else has hassle from their neighbours over bird noise.we have two young really beautiful handreared harlequin macaws in an outside flight.We live in a semi rural area the house is detached but we have houses on both sides to us approx 15 ft apart.The neighborhood isnt exactly quite most have young chldren and there is alot of noise from the road directly behind our gardens.The birds are locked in a brick bird house at night and let out at 9.00am during the week and 10.00am during the weekends and are put back in at around 5.30 when they start to make noise .We have done this to be considerate to the neighbours.However despite all our efforts to keep the noise to a minimum we recieved a warning letter from the council.The neighbours which have the problem live next door but one never had much to do with them but were always polite and said hello.Spoke to the council which seem to be on are side they have been told to right a diary and it has been sent back with total lies saying they squark continuosly all day when they are out.If im honest the noise level changes depending on weather but i reckon on average they are proberly vocal for 30 mins a day.Last week the council came round to witness the noise stayed for half an hour they never made a peep so they are giving them some noise equipment ,when they make a noise they press the button they have it for a week.Both me and my wife are at are wits end every time they are vocal we panic i know we shouldnt and i didnt think this situation would make me like this but i feel like given up on them and getting some budgies in the aviary. We also put them away when we are out so we know they are quite.The hole family really love both birds such a shame it has turned into such a nightmare.just wanted to share my problem with like mined people.has anyone got any advice if the council tell me i must keep them inside i will have to sell as they are aviary birds.........many thanks scott :( :(
I have a lady next door with around 12 massive cadges with various birds in, african greys, budgies, cockatiels etc and she also has 2 Beautiful big Macaws, which live indoors and she brings out daily.

I have a MASSIVE problem with this. How you know what noise they make when you're out I do not know. When she kindly puts the birds out and s#ds off out for the day she leaves us with the noise. Her sitting in the garden (rare) with them they are fine. Soon as she goes out it's screaming city. I work all week and they wake us up at 9.00 am sat and sun with their SCREAMING AND SCREECHING. They are screaming at the African Greys, and vice versa. The noise is deafening and it's constant. Can sit in the conservatory, can't open the windows, can't sit in the garden. Granddaughter is terrified of the noise - as is their own!!! I'm about to complain to the council. I've had it. Beautiful beautiful birds and I would see no harm come to them whatsoever, being a total animal softy. But this is quite unacceptable. Friends come and are gobsmacked that we put up with this. And how you can say her children make noise? Come on? We ALL make noise, lawn mowers, DIY, friends over etc. But this is totally above and beyond any volumes of normal day to day living. Well she'll be getting a letter - totally inconsiderate she is. Not a thought for us. My dogs start barking in the garden and I bring them and take them out walking. I want my neighbours to enjoy their free time and their gardens with family and friends. My life is becoming unbearable. I wanted to read in the garden with glass of wine the other day. Sat down and they started. I ended up crying I was so bl*ody frustrated. It's not the birds fault, just totally selfish irresponsible owners.

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Re: neighbours complaining about noise

Post by teiltown » Sat Sep 08, 2012 9:30 am

Dear Phoebe.

We are very sorry that you find yourself in this situation, but are pleased to see that you recognise that the birds themselves can, in the right environment be very beautyful. We have dealt with cases where the offended person has tried to let the birds escape, which is very cruel to the birds, as they will most likely die.

Have you talked in a professional manner to your neighbour?
It sounds as though the Macaws being present in the garden are the problem, in that they stimulate the others into screaming - have I got this right, or do the rest of the birds sream on their own?
I would suggest drawing up some rules - if she is willing to compromise - that limit the time the Macaws spend in the Garden with the other birds - from the birds point of view, it is essential that they get access to unfiltered natural light inorder to synthesise necessary vitamins for feather condition and general health - and certainly put a curfew on the time she can bring them out at weekends, we all like at least one day a week to sleep in.

Hopefully, this will come to a mutual agreement. Please remember, and we advise all our members of this, that these are the people you live next to, and should be respected, a feud should be avoided at all costs, as this often ends up in someone having to move house, which is a very costly price to pay.

We are here to help, if we can. We can offer advice to both parties and if need help suggest potential solutions.
We do hope that you are able to reach an amicable conclusion, and hopefully, one that doesn't deprive the birds too much.

If you wish to contact me direct, then goto the following link

Where you will find all the PSUK council members details, including my own phone number and email.
I am away on business for the next 2 weeks, so I won't be able to answer emails until the 24th Sept.
I cann however access private messages on the forum if you wish to discuss sooner.
Kind Regards
PSUK Council Member.
If God had intended man to fly, He would have given us wings. Instead He gave us Parrots.

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Re: neighbours complaining about noise

Post by bwebster » Tue Sep 10, 2013 1:29 pm

Hi about 2 years ago we had a neighbour who complained of the noise about my parrots/my parrots came out when i was not on shift at work .we had a letter form the council .so i rang the council up and ask them what was said they told me not to worry about it as the person who complained said they where out everyday at 9 till 8 .council said if they complained again
the noise will be monitored.i asked the council how would they do that they told me a monitor will be placed in the neighbour house .so 2 weeks later i told all my neighbour that i have some repairs to do on the birds houses and sent them letters as well i also told the council about my repairs .2days later the woman who reported me said it wasnt her who reported me ,she give her self away. since then she as not complained again ps i have 13 birds and when am not working they come out on different days .6 ag/ 2bf/2bg/2meyers/ 2 rosesellers 2 katariki .i look after all my birds because they do no not like mens voices good luck Dreena

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Re: neighbours complaining about noise

Post by Tony26 » Tue Sep 13, 2016 2:50 pm

I have a neighbour who is keeping parrots and believe me they are really really noisy. It's got to a point know when there's a parrot show on when I'm on my hols I chose to avoid the show. And if this noise persists I will not be held for what I might do to them. If anyone can direct some useful information on how to quite these pests it would be appreciated

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