As I write this The P.S. National Exhibition on 12th October is just a month away and when you receive this message around 26th September there will only be 16 days to the event. As usual the bookings from members, non members and dealers are on course for another full house, keenly anticipated by the bird world. Please note that the on-line tickets from the PSUK shop on our website for 7.30 am entry, (yellow wrist bands) will be available only until Tuesday 7th October, there will be no early entry tickets available on the day, you need to buy them by 7th October.

Ray Ackroyd has been in touch he is still trying hard to persuade the Australian governing bodies to relax their ‘no dealing’ rule on Australian aviculturalists bred birds and has just about given up on trying to export wild caught native species even though thousands are culled every year to protect the farmer’s crops. The Australian breeders are looking forward to their next breeding season it can’t be as bad as last year.

Les always tells me when he is away on leave but I know from the forwarded questions the office ladies can’t answer that come my way.

I have enjoyed my position as Chairman and the Society is forging ahead and will I trust do so for the foreseeable future. I feel I have served the Society for many years and it is time I step down before the meetings get any closer to my house which I have sold. I hope to move into a bungalow in a month’s time after the Stafford Show. Having birds to move doesn’t make it an easy task nor does fifty eight years accumulation of belongings to transfer.

The Council meeting that we held on 14th September was my last full meeting as Chairman I thank you all for your support over the past three years. It was a great surprise to be given a Clock/Radio to mark my service to the Society, it is greatly appreciated and I am sure it will fit in well at the new bungalow.   




Time is passing rapidly and we are fast approaching our first show of the year at Stafford County Showground ST18 0BD on Sunday 6th July. It is now too late for us to guarantee safe arrival by post of entry wrist bands for this event which is a shame as members with wrist-bands will be able to enter the hall early at 7.30 am. Entry wrist bands will be for sale from our new pay kiosk located in the normal position on the main drive at £7.00 each which will allow you entry at 9.30 am, children under 16 will be allowed free entry.

Following quickly after our show will be the member’s day at Birdworld Farnham on Sunday 20th July full details are on page -- . The Council are very pleased to be returning to this excellent bird garden after a number of years and wish to thank the management of Birdworld for allowing our members subsidised entry on this day, I understand that our Kent Area members will also be in attendance so there will be a bumper number of P.S enthusiasts to enjoy the day.

This magazine is again packed with a range of excellent articles and I am particularly impressed with Part II of ‘Conservation Actions for Lear’s Macaws’ so skilfully written by Rosemary Low I hope that the donation that the Society made a couple of months ago is now being put to good use, as I am sure it is, to help further conserve these beautiful and endangered blue macaws.

I was very pleased to learn that we had received a request for assistance from The Pet Charity who is putting together some pet care leaflets for a major retailer, including a leaflet on parrot care. Alan Jones and Les Rance visited them in their Bedford offices and had an excellent meeting and helped them to provide the correct information in the leaflet. A 4 page pull out copy is to be found in the centre fold of this publication and if of no direct interest to you it could well be useful to pass to any new parrot keeper as it has a great deal of information in so few pages. Should you not want to deface your magazine please send a sae to the office with a request for a copy, we will send one to you by return of post.


Chairman's June Message

We are now fast approaching the deadline of 24th June for advanced purchased entry wristbands for the 6th July Summer Show at Stafford and also booking member’s tables. Now that all members can buy entry wristbands to allow entry at 7.30 a.m. this show is becoming more and more popular. Please see pages 18 to 21 for details about the Show. Entry wrist bands and can be booked through our website just click on The PSUK Shop.  There will be more Traders offering their goods than we have had previously and I am sure that there will be a wide range of birds to purchase from tables hired by both members and none members. Since the ban on the importation of wild caught parrots in 2006 I am delighted to see how well our hobbyist bird keeping members have responded to the obvious challenges that this has given us. Although the numbers of some of the parrots has reduced considerably there is still a good supply of birds available for those new to this absorbing hobby and once again I urge all members to ensure that Normal strains be supported so that we do not lose them among the growing mutations of many species.

The 1st part of a very interesting article by Rosemary Low about the Lear’s Macaw commencing on page 22 relates to a new conservation project that the Society is supporting, the second part of this article will be in the July magazine to be followed by more news of the project from Kilma Manso who is working so hard in Brazil to facilitate the donations of vouchers to the farmers who have had their corn crops damaged by the Lear’s. This is a very important project and one that the Society is very pleased to be associated with.

With regard to our breeding season please remember the dangers associated with warm weather when you have a large brood of youngsters in a nest box because the box can very quickly heat up and the young will succumb to heat exhaustion and die. Surprisingly the heat does not escape out of the entrance hole it just keeps circulating around within the box with ever increasing temperature. This is why it is important to use nest boxes where you can raise the lid to allow the hot air to escape, each night at around 7.00 p.m. the top needs to be replaced as the temperature drops.

An important note for our pet parrot owners is to remember to allow your bird 30 minutes of daylight outside (not through or under glass) so that they gain the benefits of ultra violet rays.



Organising and running the Luton Area Meeting is something I have enjoyed for over forty years and I hope that members will not mind me using my May Chairman’s Message to publish the following lines.

On March 23rd six members met at Milton Bryan hall for a social get together. In March 1973 eighty members attended the first PS Area Meeting at Hexton Village Hall with the reluctant approval of Norman Cooper.  John Mollindinia organised this meeting hoping it would be a success and be copied in other areas.
I helped John at subsequent meetings, we averaged sixty members, they were attracted by the well known speakers who were invited to address them, there were not so many alternative distractions in those days.  In the 80's we moved to Aston Clinton Village Hall and attendance settled at around thirty members.  In recent years we moved to Milton Bryan Village Hall and gradually many of our regular members moved on or passed away.
Over the forty years circumstances have changed with the introduction of the web site and emails, we cannot compete.  Les and I decided that when the attendance dropped to single figures we would have to end the meetings.  We cannot invite speakers with such a small turn out for them to address.
We thank our loyal supporters and a special word of appreciation to Jacqueline who has prepared and served refreshments for the 41 years, the meetings have been held.
We will hope to see you at Beale Park on 10th August.


David Coombes and Les Rance




Chairman’s Report to Council meeting 24.11.13

As another P.S. year is completed I am pleased to be able to report it has been a success, we have grown is stature as the leading avicultural society. The addition of The National Exhibition to our October  Show has significantly increased the numbers attending this event which is much appreciated by our Council and the Traders who support the show with so much enthusiasm and hard work. The Society is in an excellent position to continue to support all our members for many years to come, we have good financial reserves, a great deal of expertise on our governing Council and there is strong and continued enthusiasm for bird keeping both breeding and keeping of pets in the UK.

There are a great many people who assist the Society, either by working at our shows, writing articles, giving us books to sell and many other areas; you know who you are and I would like to personally thank you all for your unstinting help and assistance. Nowadays ‘self help’ seems all the rage, the Society has been practising this for 46 years it is not something new to us and we seem quite good at it!!

It is also, in the light of the recent e-mail regarding the anti brigade v herpetologists, an indication that we are not a Sale day but an exhibition of a wide range of avicultural species. I am sure Norman Cooper would have approved. I see that the Monty Python team are making a come back, I suggest we offer them our technical advice should they wish to revive their parrot sketch!  

Chairman’s Report on the 46th Annual General Meeting

I am very pleased to report that the formal part of the day at Berkhamsted on 24th November went exceedingly well. Keith Jones will continue as our Treasurer and I will be your Chairman for 2013/14. Our Treasurer reported that we have again experienced a successful year from a financial point of view with an excess of income over expenditure, the financial report was duly approved. Garry Steptowe and John Hayward were both returned to Council and if you would like to see a full list please look on page XXX 

There were no items on the agenda other than the formal issues reported above and therefore it was a rather short meeting.



Please note that the booking details for the 6th July Show appear on pages 18 to 21 and that all our members will be allowed entry at 7.30 am provided you purchase your tickets in advance. This facility has been well received by members and certainly takes pressure off the pay kiosk on the day. Tickets at £6.00 each can be obtained from The PSUK Shop on our website or by postal application to our office 92A High Street, Berkhamsted, HP4 2BL.

In last month’s issue we featured an article ‘Experiences with Sever Macaws’ expertly written by Linda Morley which explained the problems that she was experiencing from some new neighbours complaining about the noise of her macaws. We have never had so many enquiries and offers of help to Linda than this article raised. In her own words ‘I have managed to contact most of the kind people who responded to my article now, and have found good homes for 5 of my birds to date.  I have been quite overwhelmed by the amount of support and help received from Parrot Society members,  It is at times like this that you truly appreciate the benefits of being part of a national group of people with common interests at heart.  I have 3 young cocks now to find homes for but I think the pressure to do this will not be quite so great as it has been, having rehomed 50% of my birds, I have evidence now that I have taken steps to comply with the notice which may possibly work in my favour if it ends up in court.  I am certainly not feeling quite so frantic about it all and less willing to take it lying down!’ I am delighted that the Society aided by our members have rallied around and come to this member’s assistance in such a positive manner.

It is also very pleasing to learn that members of the Cheshire and North Wales Area have marked in such a memorable way the efforts for many years of Len Griffiths their Area Organiser for many years, I hope you all enjoy the picture of the presentation made to Len and his wife Jan by new Area Organiser Barry Done.