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I write this column one day after the excellent ‘Think Parrots’ show at Kempton Park racecourse, organised by ‘Parrots’ magazine. The PSUK had a stand at this event, and our representatives were kept busy all day with visitors buying books, paying subscriptions, asking about parrots, and generally socialising. This show is very different to our own shows at Stafford County Showground. These are geared to buying and selling birds and equipment, with breeders and traders well represented. ‘Think Parrots’ is aimed at the pet-parrot owner, and as well as offering much in the way of foods, toys, equipment and supplements, it presents some excellent and well attended masterclasses, featuring a variety of subjects and informative speakers. Our summer show at Stafford is not far away now, on 2nd July, with our open day at Birdworld on 16th July.

Again at the time of writing our Secretary Les Rance and myself are just three days away from a meeting in Bristol with representatives from Defra at which we will discuss the ongoing problems of registering African Grey parrots for breeding and sale. By the time you read this magazine that meeting will be over, but we will publish the outcome on our website and our Facebook page. Hopefully we will be able to smooth out some of the hurdles that our members have been facing.

On a more personal note my wife and I recently attended a weekend reunion of colleagues who graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in April 1970. We stayed in a hotel overlooking the harbour in Falmouth, Cornwall, and were blessed with fine weather for most of the weekend, before the rain set in for the following week. It was good to see some 20 colleagues with partners – not bad going 47 years on! Most have had interesting and fulfilling careers in various branches of the veterinary profession, and I was reminded of how fortunate I was to have had such a worthwhile career, and to have learned with such a strong a friendly group. At Think Parrots I introduced as a speaker one of the younger generation of avian veterinarians, and was pleased to see that although many things have changed in the intervening years in terms of technology and equipment, that enthusiasm and joy in the work continues.

Well enjoy the (hopefully!) warm summer months, but most of all enjoy your birds.


Alan Jones May 2017