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Our two Members’ Days out at Flamingo Land and Tropical Bird Gardens, Desford have now come and gone. I cannot speak for the former, as it is too far away for me to get to comfortably, but those who attended had an enjoyable day in the sunshine at Desford, getting up close and personal to the many friendly parrots on display. I still find it disappointing that more of our members do not make use of the discounted facilities on these days, and the chance to meet up with and chat to other members of the Society. TBG continues to upgrade and improve the facilities for both birds and humans, and it really does offer a unique experience to get close to a wide variety of parrots. Look out for our next days at Birdworld in July, and Beale Park in August, and of course we shall have a stand at ‘Think Parrots’, Kempton Park in June, with our own Summer Show at Stafford County Showground in July. Plenty of opportunities there for all our members!

We are still battling with the vexed question of Parrot Society members experiencing serious difficulty in registering their breeding African Grey Parrots with CITES. Our hard-working Secretary Les Rance has been trying to get one of his own birds approved, so he knows exactly what you are going through! But we will get there, and keep you posted. Last month’s magazine carried an excellent article on the subject.

Hopefully as May moves into June the temperatures will rise for a good summer. If they do of course you will need to provide extra care for your birds. Do not leave caged indoor parrots in a sunny window all day while you are at work, and ensure that aviary birds have shaded areas to retreat to. Fresh fruit and water should be watched closely, with water often needing a change twice daily outdoors, and fruit fermenting quickly in the heat. Many of you will now have – or have had – chicks in your nest boxes, if your adult birds have successfully bred this year. But nest boxes containing eggs or young may require extra shade, or a spraying of the outside of the box to keep the inside cool. There is such a great feeling of achievement when you peep into that nest box and see a clutch of eggs or pink wriggling chicks, or you hear the rustling and squeaking from outside. Later, to watch the young fledglings emerge from that box and take their first tentative flight into the big wide world is the crowning reward.

However, I would remind all breeders and retailers of parrots that they have a duty of care to a) raise their youngsters as far as is possible with other birds, and socialise them properly. b) Not to sell or pass on juvenile parrots before they are properly weaned and feeding independently. c) To ensure that potential purchasers understand fully what they are taking on, with detailed care sheets and advice on housing, diet and general care. d) To provide a full back-up service to the new owners, should they encounter problems or need advice in the future.


Alan Jones May 2017