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Well our annual major event is nearly here! I refer, of course, to The National Exhibition and major Parrot Society Show at Stafford County Showground on Sunday 8th October. Hopefully you will have now received your wristbands and booking confirmation, you will have organised transport and accommodation, and will be hoping for some fine, dry weather in readiness for another excellent weekend. I repeat here last month’s comments to not forget that birds must not be sold from the backs of vehicles in the car park; that there is a significant list of birds (mostly softbills and finches) that must be declared in advance of the show if they are to be sold (see full details in May magazine); and that over-crowded or dirty cages will not be tolerated. I shall be offering a micro-chipping service at this show, for African Grey parrots intended for breeding and sale – see full details later in this magazine. Let us all ensure that we continue to successfully stage this most prestigious event in the bird-keeping calendar, without complaint or aggravation, and with all due consideration to our birds. Without them we could not exist, so enjoy!

The following month of November sees the final Council meeting of the year on the morning of Sunday 19th, followed by the Society’s AGM that same afternoon. Your trustees work hard at regular Council meetings throughout the year to plan shows, award funds to conservation projects, and generally steer the Society successfully forward. All Charities have a Constitution to determine their structure and objectives, and over the years ours has been expanded and modified to encompass necessary improvements and modern practices. Your trustees recently worked through our existing creaking document with a fine toothcomb, to weed out some old redundant wording and to reflect changes caused primarily by new technology and the after-effects of the 2008 financial crisis.

Several modifications and updates were suggested, and the whole proposed new document is printed in full on pages 23 to 26 of this magazine, with revisions marked in red. Such changes have to be approved by vote at the AGM, before they are adopted, and then submitted to the Charities Commission. Rather than voting on each individual new sentence separately, I am hoping that this update will be accepted en bloc, and it has therefore been tabled as one single agenda item.

Then, of course, we have to start thinking about our ‘Help the Bird keepers’ show in December, followed by Christmas and the New Year!