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Sadly avian influenza still rumbles on, with many of the iconic swans that attract visitors to the River Thames in Windsor dying of the infection in recent weeks. I repeat last month’s message that this is not a serious problem for parrots and parakeets, but precautions should still be taken – visit for the latest news and full details of control measures.  As yet the Stafford Spring Show on 4th March has not been cancelled, and whilst this event is not organised by The Parrot Society (it is still a common misconception that it is one of ours!), we shall have a stand there, as always, so come and say hello and renew your subscriptions! The Kent area of PSUK will have a sale day on 11th March, so look out for full details of both events in this magazine.

Another situation that rumbles on is the registration of African Grey Parrots for Article 10 certificates, now that the species is CITES 1 listed. Such registration is required for all birds that are bought and sold, or exhibited, but many UK keepers have experienced problems owing to a lack of requisite paperwork. Full details of the process, and some helpful advice was printed in our magazine last July 2017.There has been much publicity also from several breeders of AGPs in South Africa, involving many thousands of birds that they wish to sell, but they have come across similar difficulties. However, the necessity to have such registration put in place was announced at least 18 months prior to the deadline date, so there was plenty of time to act.

The problem arises because bird breeders may have had their parrots for very many years, but have no evidence or receipts relating to their original acquisition. Good record keeping in aviculture is essential: not just for the above reasons, but so that health and genetic relationships may be monitored, and so that useful information discovered during the process of looking after parrots may be passed on to colleagues and future generations. To that end, don’t forget this Society’s breeding register published in the middle of last month’s magazine, and also look at the advert from Rosemary Low in this month’s issue. She has produced a very easy system of keeping those all-important records in your birdroom, available via her website.

This month’s magazine is a colourful feast, with plenty of parrot photographs to enjoy, from Beale Park, Costa Rica and Brazil. Les Rance has produced the first article of reproductions from ‘Genus Amazona’, originally written by the great John Stoodley and his wife Pat in 1990. Their son John junior has kindly granted permission to resurrect this work, which is an excellent example of the aforementioned knowledge being recorded and passed on to future generations! Then there is an excellent article from Vanessa Kanaan from Espaço Sylvestre in Brazil describing the rehabilitation of Vinaceous Amazons (Amazona vinacea). This is one of the most recent projects that our Conservation Fund has helped to support, and it is great to receive such excellent feedback on how your money is being so usefully spent. Enjoy your reading!


Alan Jones Feb 2018