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As we prepare for our Summer Show at Stafford County Showground on Sunday 1st July, we have just returned from a Parrot Society presence at the 7th Think Parrots show at Kempton Park racecourse.  The PSUK has a good position just to the left of the main entrance, and secretary Les Rance manned the stand with his brother Alan. The tables held the usual display of magazines, books and posters, and many parrot enthusiasts old and new dropped by to have a chat. Council Members Vicky and Maria also helped out, with their parrots Max and Lucien respectively. Both mature and steady parrots – Max is an elderly Blue & Gold Macaw, while Lucien is a 57 year old Moluccan Cockatoo – they added to the attraction, and kept an eye on the stand.
This event is very different in feel to our shows at Stafford, being aimed at pet bird keepers. There were plenty of toys and parrotphernalia on display, as well as food, supplements, bird art and cages. There were also several groups representing parrot rescue and rehoming organisations, trying to raise money for their work. This was a sad indication of the large number of parrots that end up being passed on and requiring new caring homes. These demanding, long-lived birds do require the right sort of person to care for them.
The show also has three Masterclasses during the day, where well-known speakers Malcolm Green, Steve Brookes and Rosemary Low gave presentations to a large audience of interested participants. Then there was a live flying display outside in the summer sunshine by Mike Simmons, who unfortunately had to battle with a dodgy microphone. All in all a good day out, and great to meet up again with old friends and colleagues.
On a more serious note, no doubt those of you who use email and the internet have been bombarded in recent weeks with messages from companies you have had dealings with in the past about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These messages will tell you about the personal data these companies hold, and ask you to agree to the terms and conditions of data storage. Well the Parrot Society, with its several thousand members, is not excluded from this matter, but rather than tackle you all individually, Trustee Dave Dickason has prepared a simple outline statement in this magazine setting out in straightforward terms what it all means. Please read his contribution, and I suspect that the majority of you will then have to take no further action, as you have sufficient trust in your officers and staff!
Enjoy the Summer sunshine, and we look forward to seeing many of you at Stafford County Showground.
Alan Jones June 2018