Suggested Parrots for Pets

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Now comes in many different mutations including Yellow and White can become very tame and confiding in their owners.

African Parrots:-
Including Senegal, Jardines, Meyers and Ruppell's all fairly small and reasonably inexpensive as well as quiet. The best known of these type of birds is the African Grey, with the red under tail feathers also another one that is known as the Timneh Grey has Brown beneath the tail.

Amazon Parrots:-
Include the Orange Winged, Blue-fronted, Yellow-fronted, Panama, Double Yellow Headed and Yellow-naped as well as various others.

South American Parrots:-
(Pionus family) Blue-Headed, Maximilian, Dusky, Bronzewinged, Coral-billed, Plum-crowned and White Capped.

Hahn's Macaw, Yellow-collared Macaw, Blue & Gold as well Green-Winged Macaw. **Scarlet Macaw**

Lesser-Sulphur, Citroen, Ducorp's, Medium-Sulphur, Alba or White Cockatoo, Triton, Roseate, and **Moluccan** as well as **Golfins Cockatoo.**

** These Birds must have E.E.C. Exemption Papers as issued by the D.E.T.R. before purchase whether from a shop or breeder. It is illegal to sell or buy this type of bird without the necessary Paperwork.**

If you are considering buying a Pet Bird of the Parrot species, you must before making your purchase find out as much as you can about them (borrow a good book from the local library) to find what to feed them on and how to care for them.

You want to obtain them as Parent Reared and tame if possible from a breeder that specialises in the type of bird that you settle on this way they remain parrots even if they are Parent reared and young enough you will be able to tame them yourself make sure that they are weaned and eating on their own as it is not unknown for people to sell birds that are far too young and still being spoon fed, this should be avoided.

A Pet Parrot needs a lot of love and attention as well as regular exercise, and a cage that allows it to spread its wings, buy the largest Cage you can afford. A lot of the larger Birds will outlive you if looked after correctly just think how you would feel being shut in a small cage for life!!