Membership Information for The Parrot Society UK

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THE PARROT SOCIETY UK was founded in November 1966 and from an initial membership of some 250 has grown steadily to its present international membership.

THE PARROT SOCIETY UK has as its aims the study and conservation of all Parrots and Parrotlike birds other than the domestic Budgerigar.

THE PARROT SOCIETY UK is a recognised Charity (No. 268726) and membership of the Society is open to all persons or corporate bodies interested in its objects.

THE PARROT SOCIETY UK Magazine is published monthly and is sent to all paid up members.
It always contains interesting articles and letters on the practical experiences of members and is of interest to the beginner and more expert alike.

THE PARROT SOCIETY UK member is entitled to free, non-trade advertising in the magazine for wants, sales and exchanges of parrots, scarce birds the dealers do not handle often being offered.

THE PARROT SOCIETY UK has a medal award scheme - not solely confined to first breedings but also for meritorious breeding achievements as determined by the Council and for outstanding contributions to the Magazine.

THE PARROT SOCIETY UK Council and Officers are elected by ballot and are responsible for the proper running of the Society.

THE PARROT SOCIETY UK is eager to help the beginner and has published five booklets on Australian Parrakeets, Cockatoos and Parrots, African Greys, Cockatiel & Lovebird Mutations to assist anyone keeping these birds.
Other titles will be published from time to time.

THE PARROT SOCIETY UK enjoys good contacts with overseas societies and reprints articles published elsewhere to enable all members to keep up to date with what is happening elsewhere in the world.

THE PARROT SOCIETY UK makes few demands on its members other than to expect a gentlemanly code of conduct when dealing with other members.
Members in dispute can refer to the Council for an independent consideration of the facts - in bad cases a Disciplinary Tribunal may be set up to consider the dispute and report to the Council for a final decision - which could result in the expulsion of an offending member.

THE PARROT SOCIETY UK has about Eleven Area Meetings in operation where members get together to discuss problems and attend film shows, lectures and organise outings.

THE PARROT SOCIETY UK tries not to waste money - in past years some 95% of subscription has been returned to members by way of cost of production and posting of the Magazine.